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Schaaf Floral

Posted by Bud Dauphin on May 26, 2007 | Last Updated: August 23, 2013 Uncategorized

Art Conforti of Sarasota, Florida

Art Conforti better known as ArTae by Bud of Schaaf Floral. He always gives some kind of nickname. I don’t know what that’s all about, but he does. Anyway, Bud and Marcia attended an AMS Conference in Sarasota, Florida last week that was hosted by ArTae, (now’s he got me doing it) and by the following rhyme you can tell that they were duly impressed. They met a lot of nice people who shared the common interest of being Retail Florist’s. AMS before you ask stands for Advanced Marketing Strategies. Sitting at the table from left to right are Mike and Renee Cox of Bloom Country Florist in Sierra Vista, AZ, Donna and ArTae Conforti, of Beneva Floral in Sarasota, FL, Steve Jacobson of French Florist in Los Angeles, CA and Bud and Marcia of Schaaf Floral in Minneapolis, MN. Now that we’re done with the introductions, on with the Rhyme by Bud the Rhymer!

ArTae & Tina!

Like all of you before us – We signed up for Gravity Free
We went through the demo – Amazed at what we would see
So we set up the appointment – For ArTae and Tina to arrive
Teaching us the system – So we too might have a chance to thrive!!

I met them at the airport – Not knowing what to expect
This Italian with gold chains – And an accent easy to detect
Accompanied by a young woman – Too pretty to be smart
Until you saw her in action – My impression was wrong from the start!!

We went immediately to the store – ArTae wanted to take a look around
He started taking pictures – And the questions were abound
He liked our Candy Bouquets – And the front cooler display
He just kept asking questions – And this was at the end of the day!!

I took him and Tina to the hotel – With their laptops in hand
They wanted to get started – This is one driven man
I picked them up in the morning – And you all know the drill
For two days of learning – We saw our new web site come up with a thrill!!

That was the end of March – And we worked and worked some more
To get everything implemented – For Secretary’s Week was at our door
We sent out the Post Cards – ArTae said they would work
And they did help us – With internet orders it was hard not to smirk!!

Then it was right into Mother’s Day – Coordinating like you wouldn’t believe
Tina was on our speed dial – She helped our frustrations to relieve
How do you do this and how do you do that – We fought our way through
Things started getting a little easier – And that’s when we knew!!

We wanted to attend the AMS Conference – Which was maybe our smartest move
Next to getting the web site – It really gave us a chance to improve
Meeting the other members – Comparing notes here and there
But also making new friends – Who in the future our information we could share!!

As I’m sure you’re all aware – ArTae is one special guy
He’s a marketing Guru – Whose limit is the sky
“Do the best you can each day – Don’t worry about the rest
The rest will take care of itself – That’s how you pass the test”!!

He’s one of the most positive people – How can anyone be this nice
He’s devoted to the Floral Industry – “Think outside the Box” is ArTae’s advice
The emails keep coming – At all times of the day and night
He’s not trying to run your business – But he does tend to excite!!
With “Our YES we can commitment” – ArTae has coined the phrase
It has become our mantra – Try it, it just might amaze
For life is about attitude – Keep it positive and you will find
You receive exactly what you give – Just a subtle little remind!!

Tina we can’t forget – For she truly is ArTae’s right hand
She implements many of the ideas – On some she’ll even expand
Never without her laptop – Be it home or on the beach
You can get her attention – And she’s always ready to teach!!

What I truly find amazing – Is the patience exhibited by both
While trying to help others improve – Their overall business growth
I really wanted to thank them – In a unique and special way
And it’s easiest for me – To rhyme the words I say!!

And believe me there’s no disrespect – With the nickname of ArTae
Someone this unique and caring – Should have a unique cachet
So Tina and ArTae – Honey, Bud and everyone at Schaaf Floral and Gift
Thank you for all your help and assistance – In giving us a lift!!
Bud Dauphin
Schaaf Floral
“Don’t be arrogant, just work hard”
Art Conforti 2007

This is a pretty good rhyme, but trust me, I can do better and I will show you in the future.
The Man In The Jug