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Find Thoughtful, Intriguing Designs

Finding unique treasures in unusual places can be an exciting event. One-of-a-kind finds create wonderful gifts for others. At Schaaf Floral, our giftware, gift books and They’ll wonder how you found such thoughtful, intriguing designs. And you’ll be blown away by the selection and creativity found in our shop. Take a look at the exclusive pieces found only at Schaaf Floral. Read More about Find Thoughtful, Intriguing Designs »
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Stunning Secret Santa Gifts

The custom of Secret Santa has been around for a long time, and started, of course, with the big man himself. Whether you call him St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle or Santa Claus, this iconic holiday gift-giver set the stage for all kinds of future anonymous giving on the part of merry people inspired by his example. At Schaaf Floral, we're invested in the idea of giving and giving well. Secret Santa, a group gift swap most often played at work or with groups of friends, is no exception. While it can be a challenge to know what exactly to get your randomly-assigned recipient, we've got some fresh ideas. Read More about Stunning Secret Santa Gifts »
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Boss’s Day Plants & Flowers for the Office

The word "boss" is a derivation of the Dutch word "baas", which means master. But the best bosses don't take that word literally; in fact, although there are many types and personalities of bosses, they all have some very positive character traits in common. On October 16, we have the opportunity to celebrate those employers, team leaders and supervisors who make the workplace a productive, positive, and fun place to be. Are you lucky enough to have a great boss? Mark your calendar! The professionals at Schaaf Floral have the green plants, floral designs, and gift ideas that will help you to recognize your boss and all they do for the company. Read More about Boss’s Day Plants & Flowers for the Office »
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