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Find Thoughtful, Intriguing Designs

Finding unique treasures in unusual places can be an exciting event. One-of-a-kind finds create wonderful gifts for others. At Schaaf Floral, our giftware, gift books and They’ll wonder how you found such thoughtful, intriguing designs. And you’ll be blown away by the selection and creativity found in our shop. Take a look at the exclusive pieces found only at Schaaf Floral. Read More about Find Thoughtful, Intriguing Designs »
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Sweet Holiday Decor for the Office

What will you be giving the office this holiday? A tin of cookies? Your homemade fudge? While we here at Schaaf Floral hope your answer wasn't "overtime," we're also eagerly hoping you'll remember one of the most crowd-pleasing gifts you can give: flowers. During the holidays, floral arrangements get playful, incorporating red, white and green blooms with all sorts of fun accents, from cinnamon sticks to pine cones. When you add a dash of holiday whimsy to a winter arrangement, it easily becomes a gift you can deliver to the whole workplace. Read More about Sweet Holiday Decor for the Office »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on November 17, 2017 Christmas Corporate

Door Openers

It’s a competitive world. When vying for the attention of the influential business decision maker, sales people often offer small tokens to stand out from the crowd of vendors. Known as “door openers”, these gifts range from simple to lavish,… Read More about Door Openers »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on October 27, 2015 Corporate