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An Abundance Of Autumn On Your Table

Celebrate the onset of autumn with gatherings, get-togethers and dinner parties this season. The design experts at Schaaf Floral have some great ideas and beautiful centerpieces to help your fall tablescape be as stunning as you are. Break out your favorite table linens and napkins that you save for special occasions to make the evening more memorable. Using colorful details instead of just white will add a celebratory feel to your meal. Choose a chic mismatched look that gives your table a relaxed feel. It will put your guests at ease and allow everyone to thoroughly enjoy their evening in a comfortable setting. Add a personal touch to each place setting, like a mini-floral arrangement in pretty bud vases. Flowers don’t have to stay in the center of the table- spread them around for all to enjoy! Read More about An Abundance Of Autumn On Your Table »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on October 28, 2018 Fall Flowers

Beautiful, Textured Fall Decor

As autumn sets in we celebrate the beauty of the season with beautiful decor that highlights our favorite aspects of fall. While including rich fall colors in your decorating scheme is a must, you can create a cozy, peaceful warmth with harvest textures that add depth. Texture from natural sources like tree bark, acorns, berries or root vegetables bring the essence of fall to your home while creating a relaxing and nurturing vibe. The floral designers at Schaaf Floral have created an amazing fall collection full of color and texture to help you bring these important elements into your home this season. Read More about Beautiful, Textured Fall Decor »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on October 22, 2018 Fall Flowers

Gloriously Ghoulish Halloween Flowers

This Halloween, show off your sensational sense of style with a gorgeous bouquet of fall foliage when you decorate for the holiday. Seasonal colors and textures lend a festive aura to every party or office atmosphere. Give your desk or living room a quick update for autumn with a gorgeous fall design, just in time for Halloween and all the fun that comes with it. The floral designers at Schaaf Floral have created some excellent pieces for fall and specifically for Halloween that you’re sure to love. Read More about Gloriously Ghoulish Halloween Flowers »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on October 14, 2018 Fall Flowers Halloween

Have A Floral Festival This Hispanic Heritage Month

What better way to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs September 15 to October 15, than with a party inspired by the flowers of Latin America? We here at Schaaf Floral love the idea of honoring Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Americas' rich contributions to the rest of the world, particularly to the U.S., where so many of our citizens are Hispanic Americans. As a way to celebrate their ancestors, families and cultures, we're highlighting the flowers of Latin America and suggesting that you enjoy your own mini floral festival this month as well. Read More about Have A Floral Festival This Hispanic Heritage Month »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on October 1, 2018 Fall Flowers

Be The Great Entertainer This Fall

With fall just ahead of us, it's time to start thinking about how you'll dress your table in seasonal linens, dishware, candles and most importantly, flowers. Schaaf Floral is already debuting our harvest-hued collection, a rich range of gorgeous, textural floral pieces that capture the first burst of fall. It's time to introduce a new aesthetic into our homes, seizing on the cooler weather and the festive spirit in the air. Read More about Be The Great Entertainer This Fall »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on September 19, 2018 Fall Flowers

Gemstone-Worthy Flowers For Fall

We here Schaaf Floral at love fall, especially for its endless decor opportunities. Cornucopias, mums, wreaths . . . we could go on, but there's we're here to highlight one of our favorite aspects of seasonal decor, the jewel-toned color palette. Now, before you go replacing every last accent piece in your home, one of the best ways to try out this vibrant look is through flowers. Luckily, blooms come in a range of hues, many of them hewing closely to the gemstone spectrum. Read More about Gemstone-Worthy Flowers For Fall »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on September 17, 2018 Fall Flowers

Bright Blooms for the Holiday Host

Traveling over hill and dale this Thanksgiving? You're not alone. "To Grandmother's house we go" is a common refrain this time of year, with 50 million people doing exactly that for the holiday in 2016. If you're hitting the road this Thanksgiving and dining at someone else's table, we at Schaff Floral think it's as important to bring a host gift as it is to come bearing your signature green bean casserole. Read More about Bright Blooms for the Holiday Host »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on November 2, 2017 Fall Flowers Host Gift Thanksgiving

Fall Colors and Autumn Centerpieces

The arrival of fall is exciting for many reasons. The air is cooler, our drinks change from "on the rocks" to "pumpkin spice", and we get to bring out a new wardrobe. Autumn colors are emerging all around us, as nature dons new attire of her own - and many of us cannot wait until we can change the decor in our house to reflect the season. At Schaaf Floral, we have all the fall colors and autumn centerpieces you'll need to bring autumn indoors in a beautiful way. The real identifying mark of fall decor is the vivid color palettes.  Bright yellows, burnt oranges, inviting golds and rich burgundies warm up the ambiance with cozy comfort and hospitality. There are many floral varieties that you can use to achieve this warm aesthetic, and Schaaf Floral has them all.  Read More about Fall Colors and Autumn Centerpieces »
Posted by Bud Dauphin on September 11, 2017 Fall