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Posted by Bud Dauphin on March 10, 2015 Wedding

4 Top Trends for Summer Weddings in 2015

shutterstock_143579107Your wedding marks a new chapter in life, and the hope is that it’s truly special and memorable for everyone who attends. While there are many wedding traditions to inspire you while planning it, each year there are also new trends and ideas from which to draw. Here are four of the top summer wedding design trends and ideas for wedding planning in 2015:

1. Nautical Colors and Themes

When it comes to summer wedding colors, there’s been a surge in popularly in the color palette related to the ocean and seaside. Colors like cool teal, seafoam green, scuba blue and aquamarine are some of the top choices for 2015, so if you feel drawn to nautical themes, there’s lots of inspiration from which to draw.

These cool colors are beautifully accented by white, cream and off-white flower choices. Accenting reception tables and decor with seashells, sand dollars, starfish and other nautical items can also enhance the oceanside vibe of your wedding.

2. Rustic and Bohemian Chic

Gone are the days where everything has to be formal and overly-polished. These days, summer weddings are trending much more informal, with rustic barn receptions in summer and even bohemian themed weddings with dress styles hailing from the 1970s. Bouquets and centerpieces can draw from wildflowers, hydrangea and even peonies.

3. All Orchids, All Day

The orchid has risen in popularity in terms of gift giving and decor, so it’s no surprise that it’s showing up big in summer wedding decor as well. From the ceremony and bouquets to reception tables and centerpieces, the orchid can rise to the occasion and create an ornate and gorgeous effect on your special day.

4. The No-White Wedding

Dressing the bride in white has been a time-honored tradition; however, even that tradition is trending in another direction. Bridal dresses in pale tones of pink, seafoam and antique are now fair game. If you’re worried about this change being too extreme, don’t be; we’re talking very subtle here, with extremely light shades of these colors just a couple of shades away from white.

There are numerous wedding traditions that have been in place for centuries, but you don’t have to be constrained by them. Traditions change and evolve, and these four summer wedding decor ideas are evidence of that. If you’re planning a wedding this year, use these trends as inspiration for your decor. Contact Schaaf Floral for help with making your wedding truly unique.