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Posted by Schaaf Floral on March 18, 2014 | Last Updated: July 26, 2021 Flowers Spring

Five Favorite Spring Flowers: Fun Facts

Next to the thawing snow and warmer weather, nothing brings more joy with the coming of spring than flowers. With their petals stretching in full bloom and their brightly popping colors, flowers hold the power to lift the human spirit with a single glance or with a whiff of their sweet aroma. Also, there’s no better way to give your home an immediate spring refresh than with fragrant and delightful spring flowers.

Spring brings numerous varieties of beautiful blooms, but there are five popular ones that tend to be synonymous with the season.

pink tulips

1. Tulips – Imported from Turkey, the bulbs of tulips first reached Europe in the 1600s. During the Dutch Golden Age, tulips grew so popular among the wealthy as a status symbol (planting flowers in a garden was seen as a luxury because most people needed the room for edible plants) that at one point the price for a tulip bulb was roughly equivalent to 10 times the average yearly income of a craftsman. In the 1700s the Semper Augustus variety of tulip, featuring red and white striated petals, became the most valued and costly tulip bulbs sold during Tulipomania in Holland. Today, Holland still honors its rich tulip heritage with an annual tulip festival.

2. Hyacinths – Most widely recognized for their distinctly fragrant scent, hyacinths grow in a variety of colors. Sometimes used as a symbol of rebirth, Hyacinths take a prominent place on the tables of Persian New Year celebrations on the Spring Equinox.

yellow daffodils

3. Daffodils – Rumored to have gained its scientific name, narcissus, from the Greek god, the daffodil has become famous for its beauty. When in bloom, a bright corona surrounds its bell. Thousands of variations of daffodils exist and have become a symbol of Easter in many cultures.

purple irises on bush

4. Irises – In ancient Egypt, King Thutmose III immortalized irises as a flower symbolizing rebirth. The three petals of the iris, in Egypt, represented wisdom, faith, and valor. The iris’s name comes from the Greek word for rainbow, which refers to the plant’s many colors and variations.

white daisies in field of grass

5. Daisies – Daisies belong to a family of flowers called Angiospermae. More than 23,000 species of flowers belong to the daisy family. Daisies are synonymous with spring, brightly colored, and energetic in appearance. Daisies are also edible. Added to a spring salad or sprinkled on the top of a cake, daisy petals make the most beautiful garnishments.

What makes these spring blooms so remarkable is the fact that they all look fantastic in an arrangement by themselves or with other springtime blooms. To brighten up your home, put a spring (no pun intended) in your step, and celebrate the season, add some beautiful spring florals to your home, like our Pretty in Pink bouquet. For a spring treat that can’t be beaten, this cheery blend of white daisies and pink roses in a pink glass cube vase accented with a pink polka-dot ribbon is like a gift of pure joy!

A gorgeous vase of colorful tulips also brings a pop of color along with style and pizzaz to your home. For more tips on adorning your home with spring flowers, go here.

For more floral inspiration to celebrate the Spring season, visit Schaaf Floral in person or online for any of your flower needs.