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Posted by Bud Dauphin on August 31, 2018 Flowers Summer

The Flowers That Matter More Than Most

Whenever we do family flowers for a funeral, we send a small vase of roses along from Marcia Schaaf and the staff here at Schaaf Floral. We have stacks and stacks of thank you’s from family members of the deceased. People truly appreciate being remembered at this sad time in their lives, and we really feel good doing it and receiving a special thank you. As we reflect on why, how and when flowers really matter, we can’t help but think of the most challenging events of our lives. Flowers are wordless communicators of our sentiments. They can speak when words fail us, reflecting how we feel with quiet grace.

We believe that florals have the ability to transform even the most mundane occasions into memorable ones, too. Sometimes, there is absolutely no reason to send along a bouquet, or to offer a flower bunch. There may be nothing on the calendar, and yet, give flowers and suddenly the day becomes an event. It is made meaningful by the giving.

Rose Arrangement

There are times when we know exactly what we want to express and are called upon to do so. There are other times when we let flowers do the talking for us, giving voice to our feelings. Pride, love, consideration, reverence. These things, and far more, are a part of the lexicon of flowers, and we don’t need to wait for the big moments to convey them. We can give someone flowers any time.