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Express Your Appreciation For Teachers And Nurses

The first week of May is a big one in the gift giving and unofficial observance and celebration world. National Nurses’ Week starts on Sunday, May 6 and ends on Saturday, May 12. National Nurses’ Day is observed on May 12 because that date marks the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing as a profession. Although there may be no intended coincidence in the fact that National Teacher Appreciation Week takes place between May 7 and May 11, or the fact that National Teacher Day occurs on May 8, it’s convenient that these two week-long events that pay homage to professionals who don’t get the recognition that they deserve. The Schaaf Floral team is ready to be of service to anyone who wants to express their appreciation towards teachers and nurses with the gift of flowers. Read More about Express Your Appreciation For Teachers And Nurses »
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Mum Arrangements for Fall

Mum's the word when it comes to Fall's standout floral, a lush flowering plant that's available in all the harvest hues. Mix them, match them, stagger them on your front steps, or set them like proud, golden sentinels on either side or your garage. At Schaff Floral, we're here for all the mum arrangements for Fall. And we're presenting a few of our own. Read More about Mum Arrangements for Fall »
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Hydrangea Designs & Floral Arrangements

Light and ethereal, refreshing and colorful - summer hydrangea are the perfect florals for the season. If you are looking for the ideal bloom to set the mood for your warm weather get-togethers and parties, we recommend these beautiful - if somewhat underappreciated - flowers. Stop into Schaaf Floral today to see them for yourself, as well as all the summer florals you'll need for  the birthdays, anniversaries, picnics or "just because"! Read More about Hydrangea Designs & Floral Arrangements »
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Prom Corsages & Flowers for Mom

During this season, proms and spring formals are being anticipated all across Minneapolis. At this time of year, Schaaf Floral designs gorgeous custom corsages and boutonnieres using the highest quality fresh flowers; and when it comes time to order, we thought we would give you a few tips for our floral designers. From going to the prom to going out to dinner with your mom, we know these flowers will be perfect. Did You Know? The term "corsage" is a shortened version of "Bouquet de corsage" (translated bouquet of the bodice). The flowers were originally worn by women to ward off evil spirits and illness. The origin of prom corsages began in the 17th century when flowers moved to being more for courtship than protection.  Read More about Prom Corsages & Flowers for Mom »
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Floral Design Day – Meet Patty

When Carl Rittner opened his School of Floral Design in Boston nearly 70 years ago, he could have no way of knowing how his vision would change the industry. Long recognized as the pioneer of seeing floral design as a serious artistic pursuit, he would eventually serve as the inspiration for Floral Design Day, established in 1995. Across the country, thousands of designers have been influenced by his legacy. We thought it only fitting that as the industry celebrates this special day, we introduce you to one of our designers. Chances are good that if you have ever received a beautiful bouquet or arrangement from Schaaf Floral, Patty may have had a hand in it.  (All of the photos shown in this story are Patty's designs) Read More about Floral Design Day – Meet Patty »
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