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Posted by Bud Dauphin on September 4, 2017 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Housewarming Gifts

Bouquets & Arrangements to Greet New Neighbors

new neighbors

Each year, about 15% of the United States population moves into a new home. This represents about 40 million people, so chances are excellent that in the coming months, you are likely to encounter new neighbors. Schaaf Floral has hundreds of ideas as to floral arrangements, plants and gifts that will help to make the new arrivals feel welcome.

Why Do We give Housewarming Gifts? Before electricity, it was common for friends and family to visit when someone moved into a new home, and they brought one very specific gift – firewood to keep the house cozy over the winter months. Therefore, the gathering was quite literally a “house-warming”. These days, although gifts may vary, the idea is still to convey warmth, comfort and a welcoming air. new neighborsSome of our favorite housewarming bouquets include bright, cheerful flowers like sunflowers, alstromeria, roses, and asters. These flowers will bring vivid color into any space. Wrap the bouquet up with a bow to make it a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

You may also wish to consider a blooming flower basket to give to your new neighbors – these gifts easily move indoors to outdoors depending on the weather and allow you to choose in-season floral varieties perfect for any home decor. Not sure what to fill the basket with? Just ask our experts!
new neighborsGreen plants and dish gardens are not only beautiful but can help to purify the air of pollutants. If you want to consider giving one of these useful plants  – which incidentally fit into any home decor – check out our online collection here.

Schaaf Floral is your hometown source of flowers and plants for all occasions. We love helping to make a house a home, so if you have new neighbors, give us a call.