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Posted by Bud Dauphin on June 13, 2014 | Last Updated: September 4, 2014 Father's Day Holidays

Gifts for Father’s Day? Yep, We’ve got them!

Father’s Day is a time to commemorate our fathers. However, it is also a great day to remember those special men who served as mentors, fathers-in-law, and other men who had significant impact on our lives.

Some might think shopping for a Father’s Day Gift at a floral shop is a bad idea; men do not want floral themed gifts. These folks are wrong! Schaaf Floral has a number of arrangements that have masculine themes and bring fun and excitement to receiving a special gift from you.

One group of gifts for guys that Schaaf offers are automotive themed gifts.

Schaaf has three miniature trucks to choose from that any car enthusiast will enjoy. They are:

  • Blue Classic 1944 Ford Truck
  • Classic Jeep Wrangler
  • Antique “TeleFlora” Fire Engine

Your Dad will be delighted when the Classic Ford Truck delivers his arrangement of flowers. The blue ceramic miniature is a replica that will have him reminiscing about his own childhood! The miniature is perfect as a desk ornament at home or in the office and is something for him to treasure.

Made of red ceramic with black trim, The Jeep Wrangler Classic is a great collectible. He can display this gift all year – long and his spirits will soar as he remembers you when he looks at it.

The bright red metal antique TeleFlora fire engine is fully equipped with a bell, side mounted ladders, and rolling rubber wheels. Keeping it on display in his office it is a great way to “break the ice” with visitors.

If you feel that flowers are not for your Dad, then consider one of our wonderful gourmet fruits, snack, or candy bouquets. We fill baskets and buckets with fresh fruits and name brand candies and snacks in generous amounts. If you’re lucky, he’ll share with you.

Of course, men enjoy lush plants in their offices. Their greenery is peaceful to look at, and many help keep the air in the office cleaner. The Peace Lilly is a flowering plant that looks smart in any home or office. It is also on the National Space Agency’s List of the ten best plants for cleaning indoor air.

Plants are easier to keep than flowers and with just a bit of care can last for years. Few things add grace and beauty to an office as quickly as a plant. Our arrangements come in stunning containers too!

For the man who has it all, a bouquet of real flowers is a gift that will bring an instant smile to his face. Choose from one of our many catalog arrangements online at Schaaf Floral or call us at 800-724-2237 or 763-571-4600. Schaaf Floral has served the Minneapolis – St. Paul area for more than fifty years.