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Posted by Bud Dauphin on March 31, 2015 Easter Flowers

How to Send the Perfect Easter Flowers

thumbnail-1Are you considering the gift of flowers this Easter? When your gift recipient has outgrown the candy and stuffed bunnies, flowers are an excellent way to send your greetings. Schaaf Floral has a number of live plants and cut flower arrangements that are excellent Easter gifts. As you are considering sending Easter gifts, here are some things to keep in mind.

Understanding the Recipient

Before choosing Easter flowers, take some time to think about the recipient. Is the recipient deeply religious? Easter has rich religious significance, and you may wish to choose something that embraces that fact. The white blooms of the Easter lily represent the purity and sacred nature of the season.

Next, consider whether or not the recipient will be hosting a meal this Easter. Floral centerpieces, like the Holiday Centerpiece, are a great gift in these instances. Not only do they show the recipient that you are thinking of her, but they also make a beautiful display on the Easter table.

If the recipient has kids at home or is a kid at heart, then something a bit more whimsical may be in order. Gifts housed in a cute little Easter basket or flanked with spring animals, like bunnies or chicks, is a gift the entire family will enjoy. Some arrangements, like the Easter Bunny Bouquet, even use flowers to make the shape of the animal.

Easter Bunny Bouquet

Easter Bunny Bouquet

Choosing the Flowers

Once you have a good idea of the recipient and his or her likes and dislikes, it’s time to make your decision. At Easter, spring flowers, like tulips and daffodils, reign supreme, so consider incorporating these into the floral arrangement you choose. Bright spring colors, like yellow and pink, are also a common theme.

Choose you flowers, then let Schaaf Floral know who is receiving them. We will hand deliver your arrangement, so you can be certain that the Easter flowers will arrive fresh and beautiful. We can even include a personalized note from you, so you can share your Easter wishes with the recipient. Even if you are out-of-state, we can deliver floral arrangements anywhere in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area. So start shopping today, there is still time to order in time for Easter with Schaaf Floral.