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Keep the Bond Strong with these Great Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) can be challenging, but sending thoughtful and caring romantic gifts can not only help alleviate some of the pain of being apart but also strengthen the bond of love between you. Here at Schaaf Floral, voted Minnieapolis’s best florist, our job revolves around love and romance. We’ve selected some excellent LDR gifts that bring you and your loved ones closer.

Shrink the Distance Between You and Your Long Distance Love with These Gifts

Woman's hands writing a letter

“Open When” Letters

Write a stack of letters that are only to be opened by your partner only during certain occasions, like when they are feeling lonely, need a hug, need advice, a laugh, or a boost of confidence. Then, when your encouraging words are needed, they are right there in the envelope. It’s a great way to be there in spirit when you can’t be there physically.

Bronze and Silver bracelets with coordinates

Coordinates Bracelets

Keep each close at all times by wearing coordinates bracelets. These charming bracelets have your and your sweetheart’s physical location engraved as unique coordinates into the bracelets. Then, when each of you wears the other one’s coordinates, it makes them feel just a little less far away.

beautiful combination of red roses and lavender roses arranged in a clear vase with a Ti Leaf shield and highlighted with hypericum


There is no other widely accepted symbol of love than the rose. Show your long-distance darling just how much you love them and care about them by sending a gorgeous bouquet of roses to them. They’re not just for Valentine’s Day, and roses are also not just red. They come in a wide range of beautiful colors, like our Rose Jubilee. Send your love roses in her favorite color or mixed colors or mixed with other flowers. The point is, you can never go wrong with roses. Trust us.

Tan and white stuffed doggie

Plush Doggo

When you can’t be next to your other half, then give them something soft, plush, squishy, and cute as you to hug. These adorable animals are so soft and cute, before long your love will be snuggling up with this cute critter on the couch, in bed, all day long… and thinking of you each moment.

Furbo Pet Camera

Furbo Pet Camera

Speaking of cute critters, if you and your beau share a pet together, chances are they are going to miss Mr. Fluffball a great deal as well when they have to leave. To keep the bond with their pet strong too, pick up a Furbo Pet Camera so they can interact with Mr. Fiddles. This device allows your partner to call out to, toss treats to, and watch how Mr. Bojangles spent his day.

This assorted fern garden among some small green plants


Giving the gift of a live plant may not be considered romantic at first, but it really is. Think of the plant as a metaphor for your relationship… as your partner takes care of the plant, waters and feeds it, and nourishes it so it can thrive, so too do the same with your relationship. Plus, plants have a ton of great health-boosting benefits. They purify the air, freshen up any space, and improve moods. Plus, plants live a long time when properly taken care of so it can grow with you and your loved one as your relationship grows.

When selecting a gift to send to your long-distance paramour, just remember it should come from the heart and should be something that they will like. Also, the gifts should be sent regularly to keep the bond strong, and when you need a gift idea, just remember flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers. Everybody loves receiving a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers, regardless of age, sex, political party….lol. Flowers are always the perfect gift – and it’s a gift that never gets old.