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Posted by Bud Dauphin on July 2, 2014 | Last Updated: September 4, 2014 4th of July Flowers Holidays

What Makes the Perfect 4th of July Flower Arrangement?

Independence Day is all about the red, white and blue. How do you capture the essence of freedom with fresh-cut flowers? Let Schaaf Floral show you what goes into the best flower arrangements for your Fourth of July celebration!

The Reds

When it comes to red flowers in your Independence Day arrangements, there are two choices that stand out: roses and carnations. Since roses are popular for so many other occasions, carnations tend to be a very popular choice for the Fourth of July. Carnations have strong stems and they use less energy to produce showy blooms, which means they will outlast a rose arrangement. If you’d like to enjoy a bouquet of these delicate beauties this Fourth of July, try this patriotic arrangement!

The Whites

The whites in our patriotic bouquets are reminiscent of Independence Day fireworks. From daisies and mums to gladiolas and lilies, there are numerous ways to create a dazzling arrangement. These mums are one of our favorites. Their star-burst appearance is sure to light up your party or bring a special glow to your loved one’s eyes. When combined with Million Star gypsophilia and roses, these lovely alstroemeria make a classic arrangement that looks wonderful as a picnic table centerpiece.

The Blues

Blue flowers are rare, but they are essential for any Fourth of July floral arrangement. If you want that true-blue beauty, delphiniums are the only way to go. These gorgeous flowers come in brilliant blue bunches that perfectly complement the reds and whites in your bouquet.

If delphiniums aren’t your style, there are plenty of other ways to add our Nation’s colors to your bouquet. Red and white flowers in a cobalt blue vase is an excellent choice, and the recipient of this gift will be able to reuse the vase for many holidays yet to come. Add blue ribbon to the bouquet, and you will have captured the spirit of Independence Day!

Bringing Fourth of July Traditions Together

Picnics, fireworks, and Old Glory waving in the hot summer breeze – Schaaf Floral has found a way to bring it all together in the ultimate Independence Day arrangement. The “Our Nation’s Pride” bouquet features red and white daisies and blue delphiniums, all nestled in a wicker basket. A pair of American flags add an extra patriotic touch to this wonderful all-American display.

As you can see, there are many great ways to celebrate the Fourth with flowers. Whether you’re shopping for a special someone or decorations for the festivities, you’ll be able to find the perfect Fourth of July floral arrangement at Schaaf Floral.