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Posted by Bud Dauphin on February 24, 2014 Uncategorized

Tulips, Our Favorite Spring Flower!

Flowers are a favorite part of spring, particularly when it comes to giving gifts or buying a bouquet to brighten up the house. Bringing a little bit of nature into the home with a bouquet of tulips can add a bit of color and special meaning without distracting from the overall design and appeal of the room.

The Charm of Tulips

Tulips are a charming flower because they are available in a variety of color choices and they have a simplicity that matches well with a variety of other flowers. The simple bulb of a tulip can be paired up with several different flowers to create a variety of looks and designs.

Since the flowers can last around one week in a vase, they are a good gift for loved ones and they can bring in a bit of cheer when a loved one is feeling under-the-weather. Tulips are charming for their simplicity and the beautiful colors that add appeal to the room.

Adding Beauty to the Garden

A key reason that tulips are a beloved spring flower is the beauty it can add to a garden. Before the spring months, planting bulbs in the garden can ensure that they grow during the spring months when the weather warms up.

With proper care, tulips can come back for years after they are initially planted, which adds to the appeal of the garden without adding extra work.

Caring for Tulips

In general, tulips are the perfect flower for spring because they grow and thrive during the comfortable weather conditions. Even though they grow well during the spring months, it is important to care for the flowers properly.

Tulips need more water than many other flowers, so it is important to keep them in an area that allows you to water them regularly. If you plant the flowers, then the soil should have excellent drainage so that you can water the flowers regularly.

For tulips that are kept in a vase, change the water whenever it starts to look cloudy or when the water starts to look low. With enough water, a bouquet of tulips can last as long as eight days.

Tulips are a beautiful flower due to the simplicity of the bulbs and the stunning array of colors. Enjoying the flowers during spring or giving a gift of tulips can brighten up your spring months.