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60 Unexpected Reasons to Send Someone a Bouquet of Bright Blooms

Flowers aren’t just for holidays or celebratory milestones. Here at Schaaf Floral, voted the best florist in Minneapolis, we urge you to delight in the simple beauty of daily life and send flowers to friends, family, and loved ones “just because.” Each day offers new opportunities to spread love, happiness, appreciation, or support — and what better way to do so than with fresh blooms? Whether it’s the romance embodied in roses, the joyful energy of sunflowers, or the genuine sentiment of hydrangeas, each stem carries unique symbolism and communicates through the language of flowers. Coupled with a heartfelt card message, your spontaneous floral gift can turn an ordinary day into a special occasion. While there are countless reasons to send flowers, we’ve narrowed our list down to 60 occasions that prove any day can be celebrated with a heartfelt bouquet “just because.”

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. It’s your birthday weekend
  2. Spring cleaning has been a big project this year, and you’re almost finished
  3. You’ve made a remarkable recovery from an injury
  4. The children have been trying your patience this week
  5. Your wedding anniversary is fast approaching
  6. The stress of wedding planning is weighing on you
  7. You were finally able to troubleshoot and solve a problem
  8. You clocked a personal best during your marathon debut
  9. You finally quit that bad habit of biting your nails
  10. You surprised them with plane tickets to their favorite destination
  11. Friends and family are coming over for dinner
  12. After having a couple’s spat, they want to say “I’m sorry”
  13. You completed a big home renovation project
  14. Your doctor said he was very pleased to see improvement in your health
  15. Who else is going to buy you flowers?

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They gave you life
  2. You credit much of your success to the way they raised you
  3. They generously contributed to settling your student loans
  4. They were so kind as to stock the refrigerator during their last visit
  5. They brought home a new kitten that needed a home
  6. Since your family was at a Wedding, Mother’s Day didn’t get enough attention
  7. You unintentionally overlooked Father’s Day
  8. They moved out of your hometown
  9. The results from their last medical check-up were optimistic and encouraging
  10. They gained quite a following on TikTok
  11. They know what Instagram Reels are
  12. They booked a fun and memorable Disney trip for the whole family
  13. They just arrived home after enjoying a refreshing vacation they’ve long deserved
  14. You want to lift their spirits
  15. It’s a sincere and beautiful way to show your deep love and gratitude

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. It’s the season premiere of The Bachelorette
  2. They’re growing their family
  3. After watching Firefly Lane on Netflix, you want to send your love
  4. You’re about to become neighbors
  5. They moved away, and you miss them dearly
  6. It’s the first day of their birth month
  7. They’re about to marry the love of their life
  8. They’re looking forward to a new chapter of their life
  9. They’re celebrating pride
  10. It’s been a difficult few weeks for them
  11. You want to apologize after offending them
  12. They’re excited about hitting a new personal record in the weight room
  13. You’re attending their very first art show
  14. They’re in recovery after a successful surgery
  15. They are always just a phone call away

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. It’s been one of those days
  2. Your day has been peachy
  3. You’re feeling exhausted after a sleepless night
  4. After reprioritizing and setting more realistic goals, you’re able to accomplish your entire task list each day
  5. You conducted a productive and efficient meeting with your team
  6. You’re proud of yourself for taking the plunge and signing up for ballroom dance classes
  7. You took a leap of faith and went skydiving
  8. After postponing it for a while, you’ve accomplished an impressive project
  9. During a political conversation, you were receptive to an alternative point of view
  10. Your friends are coming over for Sunday brunch
  11. You feel good about organizing a clothing drive for women and children
  12. Despite the rocky road, you got the hang of co-parenting with care and consideration
  13. The song “Flowers” has become your personal anthem
  14. You view the changing of seasons as a time to enjoy new fresh floral arrangements
  15. You saw a beautiful arrangement through the window of your favorite local florist

Every day provides a reason to express yourself through the gift of flowers, be it with symbolic stems or a loved one’s favorite blooms, “just because.” At Schaaf Floral, we are experts in turning your regular day into an unexpected celebration.