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Add Meaning & Symbolism to Your Baby Shower with These Flowers

Baby showers these days are becoming big events with specific themes, catered food, and large venues. If you want to go this route, that’s perfectly fine. But the only things you really need to make a baby shower special are beautiful fresh flowers and a few baked treats. The impending arrival of a new bundle of joy is cause enough for friends and family close to the mom-to-be to get together and celebrate. Bake a cake, order some flowers, and open your home for a joyous occasion. Keep reading if you’d like more ideas on decor and floral inspiration for baby showers. The experts at  Schaff Floral know a thing or two on how to throw a party!

When selecting the perfect flowers for a baby shower, the best place to start is with what the baby’s birth flower will be, along with the favorite flowers of the mom-to-be. For more great floral ideas for baby showers, see below.

Baby Shower Blooms and Decoration Ideas

Rose Themed Baby Shower

You can never go wrong with roses. So elegant, so classic, rich with symbolism, and available in nearly every color. A rose-themed baby shower is elegant and sophisticated, especially if you go with a monochromatic color palette. Picture roses in various shades of white and cream, light peaches to orange, or light blue to medium and dark blue. Another look would be a color palette of soft pastels in yellow, peach, white, and green. If the mom-to-be is a fan of more bold colors, then decorate with rich pink, red, purple, and lavender roses. Just add a few gifts and delicious treats, and your work is done.

Sunflower-Themed Baby Shower

A flower as bright and joyful as the sign is a great way to welcome a soon-to-be new life in the world. It’s hard to be in the presence of fresh-cut sunflowers and not feel a boost of feel-good vibes. Plus, the yellow color works great for both boy and girl baby showers. Incorporating additional decor will be easy as sunflowers are a popular design. Pick up some sunflower napkins or sunflower designs to tape to the wall, or add sunflower decorations to cupcakes for a nice touch. Cute critters like baby bumble bees, butterflies, birds, and yellow and green balloons complete the look.

Wildflower-Themed Baby Shower

Wildflowers are charming, unique, and dazzling – just like new babies are. Fill your home or venue with wildflowers to bask in the awesomeness that is Mother Nature and the beauty she creates. Finding decor to match the wildflower theme will be easy as wildflowers bloom in every color imaginable. Use wildflowers for centerpieces, table decor, backdrops for photos, and party favors, like bud vases for guests. Wildflower crowns, DIY flower bars, and lavender-flavored refreshments are also unique and fun additions to your wildflower baby shower.

Greenery-Themed Baby Shower

Jump on the fresh, healthy, green train by hosting a baby shower with tons of greenery. This is as easy as picking up a few plants to decorate the room and having a few gorgeous flower arrangements on the table with colorful blooms surrounded by lots of greenery. The benefits of a greenery baby shower are many: green represents fertility, good luck, and prosperity; green plants have proven mood-lifting benefits and promote relaxation and calm – all things a mom-to-be could use. Throw a unique, nature-inspired, and serene baby shower by going green!

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” Baby Shower

A baby shower happening in April or May can be based on the well-known saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Such a theme allows you to take advantage of the colorful and gorgeous springtime blooms available to you. There’s nothing quite like a spring flower-filled occasion! Symbolizing birth, new beginnings, renewal, and prosperity, spring flowers are perfect for baby showers. Popular spring blooms include tulips, peonies, daisies, hyacinths, and lilies. Mix and match a variety of colorful spring blooms for a display that is sure to impress.

Flowers are the perfect way to celebrate welcoming new life into the world. With the delicate petals, gorgeous colors, and awe-inspiring examples, flowers are beautiful miracles from Mother Nature that go hand in hand with precious babies. For new baby blooms or flowers for any occasion browse our selection at Schaff Floral.