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Posted by Schaaf Floral on November 5, 2013 | Last Updated: January 24, 2014 Uncategorized

Adding an Autumn Touch with Chrysanthemums

The Chrysanthemum is the flower of the month for November, and this beautiful flower is not just a great way to add a touch of autumn to your home this fall, its also a therapeutic flower that signifies a wealth of meanings all across the globe. One of the easiest flowers to grow and maintain, chrysanthemums are an easy and beautiful way to bring the beauty of fall from outside, to inside your home.

In Asia the chrysanthemum signifies life and rebirth, making them great gifts for birthdays and baby showers. In Europe the chrysanthemum signifies an expression of sympathy. Chrysanthemum’s are typically looked at as a flower that signifies respect and honor in America.

The color of the flower can also affect the meaning behind the chrysanthemum. For example, if you receive a red chrysanthemum from someone, it is a symbol of love. A yellow chrysanthemum blossom on the other hand signifies neglected love or sorrow. A white chrysanthemum is a symbol of loyalty and devoted love. In general, chrysanthemums are believed to represent happiness, love, longevity and joy.

Not only are chrysantheums beautiful flowers that convey powerful meaning, they are also jam packed with tons of health benefits! In traditional medicine, chrysanthemum has been used to treat chest pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, dizziness, and more. The flower has the ability to increase blood flow to the heart and has also been found to increase a person’s sensitivity to insulin.

With all the benefits chrysanthemums offer, it may make you want to go plant your own mum garden right now! For those without the time and patience however to put together a chrysanthemum garden,Schaaf Floral has you covered with a wide variety of chrysanthemum arrangements.

This “Autumn Grace” arrangement from Schaaf Floral is the ideal piece to decorate your home this November. Roses, lilies and asters in precious gemstone colors of garnet are nestled into a richly colored plum glass cube vase, creating a graceful presentation. Purple chrysanthemums and seafoam statice add a touch of autumn to brighten up any room!