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Posted by Bud Dauphin on June 11, 2015 Flowers Summer

How to Decorate with Summer Flowers

summer flowersYou’re planning the first barbecue of the summer season. What flowers do you choose to decorate the tables in your backyard? As you search for the perfect summer blooms from Schaaf Floral, you might look at a colorful bouquet that looks like a field of wildflowers on the side of a mountain. Or, you might stick with classic sunflowers or sun-kissed roses.

Using Color to Symbolize Summer Fun

What’s the most popular color you might associate with summer? If you close your eyes and think about it, you’ll probably see a bright and shiny summer sunset with yellow, orange, and golden hues.

Many summer flowers grow in the colors of a summer sunset, so you’ll have fun getting to choose from so many different combinations. For example, imagine a hopeful and sunny arrangement of yellow carnations, snapdragons, and lilies.

To care for these beautiful flowers, you’ll want to keep the water fresh in the basket or vase and keep them out of direct sunlight (unless they’re going to decorate an outdoor picnic table of course!). A basket of yellow flowers is such an easy and beautiful way to decorate a summer party.

summer flowersThe Iconic Sunflower

If you were to dub one flower the official bloom of summer, you’d probably choose sunflowers with their large, friendly faces and feathery yellow petals. Have you ever seen a field of sunflowers in full bloom?

There are many ways to use sunflowers in your summer flower decorations. You might choose to place a single sunflower in a tall glass vase for an elegant addition to a garden party, or you might think about a vase with sunflowers and other summery blooms like daisies and yellow carnations.

Unique Ideas for Your Party

Want to try something unexpected with your sunflowers for your garden party or barbecue? Chop the stems off and let the sunflower faces float in clear glass bowls. They’ll make beautiful centerpieces for virtually any gathering or summer party.

You can also make your party look a little wild by tossing sunflowers haphazardly around the tables where your guests will sit. Make your guests feel like they’re surrounded by nature by including flowers at your party.

Sunflowers and summer flowers like daisies and carnations are an ideal addition to your summer party, as well as for brightening any interior room that could benefit from some summer beauty.