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Posted by Bud Dauphin on April 10, 2015 Admin Prof Day

Administrative Professionals Week

thumbnailAdministrative Professionals Week recognizes the importance of administrative professionals who are so important to the success of governmental institutions, large corporations, and small businesses. It is an annual event that occurs during the last week of April. Administrative Professionals Day falls on the last Wednesday of April. This year, it coincides with Earth Day.

We thought we’d tell you about the origins of this national observance.

The non-official observance was the brainchild of Mary Barrett, President of the National Secretaries Association, (the organization that became the International Association of Administrative Professionals, or IAAP,) and C. King Woodbridge, President of the Dictaphone Corporation. Since there was a shortage of skilled clerical workers to run businesses across the country during World War II, they came up with the idea of devoting a week to recognizing the professionals whose tireless efforts, kept businesses running – even during wartime.

In 1952, U.S. Commerce Secretary, Charles Sawyer issued a proclamation announcing the first National Secretaries Week. It was held during the first week of June. The Wednesday of that week, June 4, 1952 was designated as National Secretaries Day.

In 2000, because of changing job functions, titles and responsibilities, the name of the national weekly observance was changed from National Secretaries Week to Administrative Professionals Week. There were two reasons for the name change. Secretaries deserve recognition because civilian businesses and government offices rely on their expertise and dedication, just to function. The secondary reason was to portray the profession favorably and to encourage young people who are looking for career options, to see what the profession offers them, and the long-term growth potential there is in these careers.

There are many ways that employers can acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of the professionals who are the backbone of their businesses. They may hold special office parties or luncheons, give their employees time off during the week, or by giving them gifts to show their appreciation for everything these dedicated employees do for the company.

Show the gang how grateful you are to have them as your employees. With our Office Party Basket, you can thank everyone with a gift of snacks. This is the perfect gift for everyone on Administrative Professionals Day.

Delight your administrative professionals with our Garden Gnome terrarium. This charming garden in a bowl contains a variety of small plants to create the illusion of a real indoor garden. To add a little whimsy and really bring the feeling of nature into the office, we nestled a tiny garden gnome among the plants. This thoughtful gift will remind the people to whom you give it, that you value them as people and are grateful for all they do to help your company run efficiently.

You can count on Schaaf Floral to help you choose the ideal gift for any or all of your administrative professionals. We have a wide selection of plants, flowers, and gifts that are ideal for groups of people, or for any employee you want to honor and thank on Administrative Professionals Day – or at any time during Administrative Professionals Week.