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Schaaf Floral

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Baby Gifts from your local florist with same day delivery

Unique Chic is one of our most loved and purchased flower arrangement

Unique Chic is one of our most loved and purchased flower arrangement

When a family has a new baby – It’s truly a momentous event

The proud parents certainly deserve a gift – I’m sure Mom would have no argument

So what should you send – Be it a boy, a girl or even a pair

It’s truly appreciated when family and friends – Show the new parents that they really care

Drab hospital rooms get brightened up – With floral bouquets without a doubt

Flowers and new born babies – Are what it’s all about

At Schaaf Floral we have an abundance of gifts – Be it balloon bouquets or candy

Or fresh flowers expressly for mom – With 43 years of experience, we’re pretty handy

Whether it’s a surprise for the new baby boy – With his first wagon bouquet

Or flowers for the expectant mother – For her to enjoy before that special day

Maybe you want to send a stuffed animal – There’s so much, it’s hard to choose

Green plants, blooming plants or gourmet baskets – Pick one, you’ve got nothing to lose

Schaaf Floral will make same day delivery – And make sure it arrives on time

We respect the importance of the occasion – This is not some mindless rhyme

Sometimes it’s better to wait till they get home – Many of these rooms are quite small

Mom might enjoy them even more – When there’s a little room to sprawl

We’ve got baby mats – And cuddle talk blankets where you can record your own voice

Hugga pillows shaped like animals – As you can see, it’s your choice

We also have baby mats with different animal shapes – And stuffed animals galore

So if you’re not a flower person – Always remember, there’s something more

So call us at Schaaf Floral – Short notice is no problem at all

We also have courier delivery – When we get that emergency call

And if it’s after hours – And it’s important for your peace of mind

Call our emergency number at home – Our personal service is one of a kind!!

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