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Posted by Bud Dauphin on August 18, 2016 | Last Updated: August 27, 2016 Back to School

Care Packages for College Students

college care packages
It seems like you were just sending them to kindergarten, and now they are headed to college. Whether they are staying in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area or headed to a campus far away, a new adventure is underway for your student. As they get settled into their new dorm rooms and explore their new surroundings, you may wish to consider a gift to remind them that no matter how grown-up they become, you are still behind them – and you are so proud of them! Custom gift baskets from Schaaf Floral are the perfect care packages to send a little love from home, and let them know they are in your heart.

care packages
There may be no better gift for a college student than their favorite snacks. Whether tethered to a desk studying all night or working for hours on a term paper, having a basket overflowing with treats within reach will be much appreciated. Fruits, crackers, chocolate, and more will make your student the most popular one on the floor.  But perhaps your loved one is a big kid who loves candy and sweets – in that case, our Candy Bouquet will be a welcome gift. They may need to hide this one in their desk if they want it to keep it to themselves. This decadent gift is sure to keep their sweet tooth happy.
Here’s a Great Idea: How about adding an inspirational book from our collection? Your student may be looking for a little good advice and guidance when away from home.

They may be away at college, but in many ways they are still your little boy or girl. Take care of them like you always have, with custom care packages from Schaaf Floral.