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Posted by Schaaf Floral on September 7, 2019 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Fall Flowers

Celebrate Chrysanthemums, The Quintessential Flower Of The Autumn Season

Chrysanthemums, usually referred to as just mums, are the quintessential autumn flower. They provide unparalleled color and texture to make your fall decorations truly impressive. Since their beginnings in China, mums have been highly prized for their hardiness, beautiful blooms, and numerous varieties. Whether potted in a planter to provide a pop of color for your doorstep or gracing the tabletop indoors, mums are a perfect way to brighten any décor. The floral designers with Schaaf Floral in Minneapolis would be happy to show you how to make the most of your autumn décor by adding a burst of fall color with mums. Be sure to take a look at our beloved chrysanthemum displays to make fall extra special this year.

Incurve & Daisy Mums

Chrysanthemums take on many shapes, sizes, colors, and species, making them an incredibly assorted variety of flowers. Some of the most popular versions of these blooms are the daisy mums. Resembling actual daisies, these cheerful favorites tend to have short petals surrounding a flat, round disk that is typically yellow, green, or brown. The petals themselves can appear in many different hues, but always bring a sunny element to any display. In our Wild and Crazy Autumn Bouquet, the featured daisy mums have red-orange petals surrounding a yellow disk. They’re accompanied by full, heady incurve mums, another fun variety in which longer petals curve up and in, surrounding and covering the central disk almost completely. Our golden incurve mums are a great accent to the popular daisy mums in this design.

Button Chrysanthemum

Button Mums

Our Radiant Beauty bouquet is another great display featuring daisy mums, this time with white petals and green disks. In this design, green button mums, another fun variety, play a supporting role as they accent the bolder blooms. Button mums are flat with very short petals and make fabulous accents because they’re so small. However, an entire display of just button mums, or a collection of individual button mums in small vases, can be a sweet look for fall.

Spider Chrysanthemums

Fuji (Spider) Mums

Fuji mums, also known as spider mums, bring a lacy, delicate look to any bouquet of mixed flowers. With long, thin petals that resemble spindly spider legs, surrounding a mostly-concealed disk, this variety of chrysanthemum brings tons of texture to any decor. In our Fall Fantasy design, our yellow fuji mums create a great contrast to smoother blooms like our orange lilies.

Growing Mums

In the Minneapolis area, the fall growing season is very short. Even so, some varieties of Chrysanthemums are hardy blooms that can withstand the dropping temperatures of autumn. The University of Minnesota has developed several variations of mums that can be successfully grown in the Minneapolis area. Be sure to look for mums that are hardy to zone 4, and you can add the color and texture of this fall flower to your garden or as a potted plant to enhance the outside of your home.

The beauty of Chrysanthemums welcome autumn to our homes and provide a pop of color and texture to showcase the wonders of fall. Do you prefer the soft whites of the Single bloom mum, the spiked, thin petals of the Quilled bloom are even the cushion mums with large, bushy flowers? No matter what your preferences, the experts at Schaaf Florals are here to help you choose the ideal arrangement for all your fall decorating needs.