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Embracing Fall Flower Arrangements to Bring Halloween Decor Into Your Home

The chill in the air assures Minnesotans that fall is here. Now that the leaves are changing color and pumpkins are everywhere, it’s time to think about decorating for Halloween. Our Schaaf Floral team is excited about the prospect of sharing our Halloween flower arrangements and fall décor with you, our customers. We love the deep earthy fall colors because they remind us of harvest time and its importance to the entire Midwest.

How Halloween Began

We may think of Halloween as a real American phenomenon, but it’s not an American original at all. Halloween is rooted in the Ancient Celtic Pagan traditions of the British Isles. It came from the Pagan harvest and New Year festival called Samhain. There are also elements of the Ancient Roman celebration that honored Pomona, the Roman Goddess of fruit and trees.

After the Roman Empire had collapsed, Christianity spread throughout Europe, eventually making its way to England where it took old. Church leaders may have wanted to ban the Pagan traditions because they didn’t fit in with Catholic traditions or practices.

When they realized that banning those ancient traditions wouldn’t work, they decided to appropriate them and incorporate them into Christian holidays and festivals. Samhain took place around the same time as the Feast of All Saints and the day that next day’s observance of All Souls’ Day.

Because All Saints Day was supposed to be a solemn occasion, it seemed to make sense that Samhain be observed as All Hallows’ Eve. The name was eventually simplified and the day became known as Halloween. It represents one instance for which the Church took over a secular festival or celebration and turned it into something that fit Christian ideology.

Today, it is the night on which people dress up costumes and walk through neighborhoods knocking on peoples’ doors to ask for “Trick” or “Treat.” In some places, decorating the inside and outside areas of the home is as much a part of Halloween as the costumes are.

We think that decorating with fall flower arrangements is an excellent way to combine the season’s beauty with the spirit of Halloween. If you’re looking for possible floral décor that you can use to spruce up your own home or send to your family members or friends to spread Halloween cheer, we’ve got a few suggestions.

Our Bat’s Incredible arrangement turns a delightful Gerbera daisy into something frightful. For this brew, we combine one part scary accents with two parts of beautiful flowers. The result is something that’s sure to scare people the moment they see it.

Witches Brew will creep people out when they see this black caldron vase that’s filled with orange roses and small glittering pumpkins. We add accents of curly twigs and floral filler.

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween décor, and we take advantage of that with our Pick of the Patch Bouquet. A hand-painted ceramic pumpkin takes center stage in this half Dr. Jekyll and half Mr. Hyde arrangement of different types of fall flowers and floral accents.