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Flower Delivery in Minneapolis — An Optimized Rhyme by Bud Dauphin

Minneapolis St. Paul Local Floral Delivery

Local floral delivery – Is quite a tricky term

Getting something delivered in rush hour – Can cause many a florist to squirm

Minneapolis and St. Paul – Has road construction up the wazoo

If you’re trying to deliver to a business – By 4PM your delivery had better be throughMinneapolis Flower Delivery

People leave work at different times – So calling ahead is a pretty good move

Then picking the best route – And your chances will exceedingly improve

Is it a downtown delivery – If so, will there be parking nearby

When the God’s are totally with you – There’s a meter out front which causes a sigh

Worst case, its rush hour – There is no place to park

You end up walking 6 blocks – Which is really no lark

The recipient was supposed to stay late – They knew you would arrive soon

But they decided to leave early – Now you’re between doom and gloom

Do you have a home phone number – Probably not, what do you do

You try to reach the sender – To see if they have a clue

If none of this works – Its leave messages for all concerned

Then fight your way back to the store – And review what you have learned

The flowers go in the cooler – To await what happens the next

Sometimes the person ordering – Now cancels the order because of time

An anniversary or birthday is over – We understand, it’s no crime

So now you see just SOME of the trials – And tribulations that florists go through

To deliver flowers locally in Minneapolis and St. Paul – We truly do what we have to do!!

© Bud Dauphin 2013