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Posted by Bud Dauphin on September 23, 2015 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Flowers

Flowers are Serious Business

corporate flowersWhen establishing an image, you might not think of floral arrangements, but in actuality, the right flowers set the mood for nearly any corporate atmosphere.


Businesses of every kind have long seen the value of flowers to enhance, soften or accentuate the first impression. For instance, if your goal is to make the visitor feel comfortable, our Lily Topiary is a cheerful way to greet them at the front desk and put them immediately at ease. Bright sunny yellow flowers always add a carefree air to any space. Similarly, the Be Happy Daisy Mug is sure to communicate feelings of appreciation and affection when given to those within your office, and will encourage good will and camaraderie.


If your clientele is a bit upscale, Schaaf Floral has an answer for you as well. The elegant Tropical Wonder will look stunning in an entrance hallway or waiting area; the bright colors and birds of paradise bring a lush sophistication to the room. And Zensational is a unique and cultivated additional to any executive office or corporate conference room; its peaceful aura and striking cylindrical arrangement evoke calm in your hectic day.


Green plants have been found to reduce stress and encourage productivity. So what better place for green plants than at your place of business? Plants make the air healthier and positively affect the overall environment; and as such they make ideal gifts for corporate executives, colleagues or clients.


If you are looking to host a corporate event or party, Schaaf Floral is your one stop shop. We can provide floral centerpieces for each table, visual aesthetics throughout the room with planters and hanging plants; as well as any congratulatory bouquets for winners or honorees. From daisies and hydrangeas for an informal luncheon; to exotic blooms like lilies and orchids to make an event truly special – Schaaf Floral will help you to set the mood beautifully. Stop into our Minneapolis showroom for ideas and inspiration. Then let’s get down to business.