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Posted by Bud Dauphin on February 28, 2017 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Flowers St. Patrick's Day

Flowers and Plants for St. Patrick’s Day


You may not realize that Maewyn Succat’s Day is nearly upon us, probably because you wouldn’t recognize the birth name of St. Patrick. Not only is his name a surprise to most, but so is his heritage – the most famous Irishman is not actually Irish, he is British!

How Did That Happen? Young Mr. Succat became Father Patrick when he was ordained a Catholic priest. He became a missionary to Ireland and is thought to have nearly single-handedly converted the small country to Christianity. He was so adored by the Celtic people that the commemorated the day he died with a somber holiday. Over the years, it has become the cultural and religious celebration we know today – which resembles a party more than a religious feast day!st. patrick's day
With over 36 million Americans claiming Irish lineage – and less than 5 million people living in Ireland – we can be certain that many more people observe the “wearing of the green” here in the United States. Tradition states that “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day” – so dig out your best green clothes, grab the green beverage of your choice, and dress up your home with the traditional green flowers and plants from Schaaf Floral.

Green flowers can include cymbidium orchids, Fuji mums, hydrangea, Bells of Ireland, and roses. Greenery such as ivy, palm fronds, and decorative grasses are popular choices to add a bit more “Irish” to your floral designs. Bright yellow flowers mix well with the green and are often a part of St. Patrick’s Day arrangements.

Traditions for St. Patrick’s Day include parades with floats, corned beef and cabbage, bagpipe concerts, and Irish festivals. The most iconic way to celebrate the day, however, is simply to participate in “the wearing o’ the green”  – whether a simple green t-shirt or a full costume, having at least one green article of clothing will ensure that you do not get “pinched” because of your lack of green. Another way to keep Minneapolis in a festive mood is to send a beautiful arrangement from Schaaf Floral to your Irish friends and neighbors.

For all of your special occasions year round, from the serious to the whimsical, flowers make everything more beautiful. Call Schaaf Floral today!