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Posted by Bud Dauphin on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: August 20, 2020 Veterans Day

Give Flowers on Veterans Day


Here at Schaff Floral, we’re inclined to turn to flowers for everything. And the occasion of Veterans Day this November 11, a holiday we’ve been celebrating in some form or another since 1919, is no exception. While we gather together as a community to commemorate the incredible efforts of our U.S. military veterans, we also want to take the time to acknowledge those who live far away or can’t join us. The parades, parties, and observances are meaningful rituals that help us pay due respect, but there’s no substitute for making a personal gesture in the form of a home-cooked meal, phone call or gift. Give flowers this Veterans Day.

We’ve got a collection of patriotic flowers, and of the batch, we love this one for Veterans Day. Our Salute┬áis a proud tribute to the American flag and, by extension, the worthy recipient who served under it. White lilies unfurl like stars, while red roses and carnations are accompanied by blue statice. Set in a modern blue cube, this design is a great scale, not overwhelming or showy. It makes a dignified and yet graceful statement instead.


It may not have occurred to you to give flowers for Veterans Day, but Schaaf Floral has you covered, with a variety of arrangements or a customized piece for your favorite patriot available.