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Posted by Bud Dauphin on May 16, 2016 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Graduation

Graduation Flowers from Schaaf Floral

graduation flowersEach year we recognize those in our lives who have put in the time and the hard work, sweated through exams and stayed up all night to prepare – for all of their efforts, it is only appropriate that your graduate should get some well-deserved recognition. In 2016, over 6 million students will graduate – but none of them is as special as your graduate. From elementary school to college, let them know how proud you are!

Pink roses signify admiration for their efforts. Orange roses tell them that you are proud of them. Yellow roses indicate the highest mark of distinction one can achieve. Put them all together and you have a bouquet worthy of your amazing graduate! This beautiful arrangement is a great reminder that flowers often carry with them deep significance, and choosing a floral arrangement to express certain emotions is a special way to honor those who deserve it.

Why do we celebrate graduations? Academics view the ceremony as a rite of passage, a ritual that signals a significant change in your life status. It is an extraordinary event, something not easily earned – whether because of time or effort – and not a common occurrence in an individual’s life. Much like a wedding, a commencement ceremony is a grand and lavish event, and its intention is to reflect the magnitude of the transition to the next phase. Speaking of grand and lavish, might we recommend this amazing basket of chocolate everything? It is a truly monumental offering to recognize how hard your student worked all these years.

Every graduate is different, and every one of them should get the accolade they deserve. Whatever gift you choose, from dahlias to delicacies, Schaaf Floral is your source for standout gift giving.