Schaaf Floral

Schaaf Floral

Posted by Bud Dauphin on December 7, 2010 Holiday Letter

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

In 1970, forty short years ago – Marcia Schaaf opened her store
It was just 1000 square feet – At the time it seemed like much more
She worked hard and it began to grow – So she moved to a bigger space
She kept working and growing – In 1983 she moved to the current place
She had a thriving, floral business – When in 1987, Bud came on the scene
He jokes about their first date – And he’s not saying this to be mean
But Honey showed up with a map book – With “5” addresses penciled in red
“Let’s see how long it takes you to find them” – As I listened in dread
Hey! I’m just kidding – But you have to admit it makes sense
Now 24 years later – I can find any address with the utmost of confidence
Honey and I have been talking – And both of us feel pretty good
How long should we be working – Retirement is something we never understood
Do you retire and do volunteer work – Or get a job to fill in the time
Neither of us feels like – We’re really much past our prime
Oh, we’ve gotten older – Just take a look at this old pic
The time slips by slowly – Then the years go by with a click
First, we’d like to thank you all – For your support throughout the years
We have many fond memories – As we’ve watched many of you grow in your careers
We wish you all a very happy holiday season – And may you have many more
As we say good-bye to 2010 – And welcome 2011 in with a roar
As for Honey and me – Schaaf Floral is where we’ll be hanging out
Stop in and see us – We’ll be working there without a doubt
As far as retirement goes – We’ll keep you posted as well
We’re going for at least ten more years – May “20” more, “Who” can tell
But “Who” isn’t talking – So just stay tuned till next year
We’ll send out another Holiday Missile – Until then, Happy New Year!!

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