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Posted by Bud Dauphin on April 11, 2016 Wedding

The History of Some of Our Beloved Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsThere are many traditions involved with planning a wedding. Most brides wouldn’t dream of having a wedding without the white gown; the tossing or the bouquet; or choosing her wedding party. However, each of these customs – and many more – have an interesting origin that may surprise you. In honor of all our 2016 Minneapolis wedding couples, Schaaf Floral thought it would be fun to expose a few of these beloved rituals.


For instance, the color white is thought to signify purity and innocence; therefore everyone assumes the white gown is perfect for a wedding day. However, until the 1800’s, brides simply wore their best dress, regardless of the color. The white wedding dress came into vogue upon Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840. Rejecting the traditional royal silver gown, she instead chose white; never knowing what a legacy her decision would inspire.


The eating of wedding cake also has significance. In many cultures, eating together is considered sacred, and in some traditions, the marriage is not official until the cake is shared. The tiered wedding cake was thought to have originated in medieval England; when guests would bring small baked buns to offer to the couple. They were piled up high, and then the wedded couple would lean over the mound and kiss.


Today we choose a bridal party to reflect the love and support of those closest to us on our wedding day. However, the original bridal parties were chosen for a much more serious reason – in primitive societies, warring tribes and clans would often try to disrupt weddings, kidnap women and cause havoc. The bridal party was in place to protect the bride from attackers; and the best man was considered to be the strongest fighting ally of the groom.


Thankfully weddings are less fraught with peril these days. Brides used to toss a shoe over their shoulder for good luck – although the women behind her are likely thankful that the shoe was eventually replaced with a floral bouquet. For your bridal bouquets; altar or aisle flowers, or venue flower arrangements, Schaaf Floral is your Minneapolis wedding expert. Call us today to start your own unique wedding traditions.