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Posted by Schaaf Floral on January 10, 2017 | Last Updated: December 30, 2020 A Valentines Tale Flowers Roses Valentine's Day

Love is an Adventure – Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

There is no doubt about it – love is the grandest of adventures! From the first tentative conversation to your golden anniversary, the journey is full of stories and moments that make your relationship unique. At Schaaf Floral, we have been honored to play a small role in so many of these stories over the years, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, we look forward to hearing and witnessing many more.

” We actually met when he walked up to me on the street and handed me a flower. So flowers are a big part of our story. We look for surprising and fun ways to incorporate flowers into everyday events, and we go a little crazy on holidays. After 9 years together, I don’t see us ever not giving flowers to each other. “

Valentine's Day

While some may consider red roses to be the only flower to give on Valentine’s Day, they actually make up only 51% of the floral purchases made over the holiday. Bright and vivid colors are popular, especially when the relationship is new and red roses may be considered a bit too serious. Roses in pastels are a beautiful choice, surrounded by lilies, hydrangea, daisies, alstroemeria, orchids in pink, purple, orange, green, and yellow.

Valentine's Day “He has given me long stemmed red roses every Valentine’s Day, birthday, and anniversary since we’ve been married. Some may think it predictable, I find it to be amazingly romantic.”

Red roses signify eternal love, undying passion, and deep commitment. There is no mistaking the sentiment behind these meaningful flowers, and they are most popular amongst couples getting engaged (numbering 6 million annually) or married couples. Whether you opt for a classic twelve stem bouquet or decide for a more extravagant design, your sweetheart will love these exquisite flowers.


No matter what point you are at in your adventure, the experts at Schaaf Floral can help you to choose the very best florals. Your love story continues this Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of beautiful flowers that will make a dramatic impression – shop our collection now!

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