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Posted by Bud Dauphin on July 21, 2019 | Last Updated: July 31, 2019 Back to School Just a thought and possibility Plants

Moving Off To College-Is Your Freshman Ready?

From the time your student receives their official University of Minnesota acceptance letter to the day before moving to campus, there are a multitude of things to accomplish. And so many questions? Picking out that colorful comforter and amazing desk lamp is so much fun! But does your student really have all that they need? Schaaf Floral has a list for your student of items that will make dorm living so much easier!


Pink coloful modern bouquet

Gifts That Show You Care

Love, Support and Encouragement Show your new college student just how much you care by sending living plants as a reminder of how much you care. Let the designers at Schaaf Floral suggest green plants that will add to the dorm room décor and be easy for your student to care for.




Send something Bright and Cheery to your student’s new dorm room and make the first week of class memorable! This design features a vibrant mixture of sassy orange and zesty pink blooms in a clear glass cube vase that’s a perfect desktop fit.


Playful Pink Bouquet created with daisies and stargazers



Our Playful Daisy features a happy blend of white daisies, pink lilies and fabulous fuchsia stock in a leaf-wrapped cylinder vase. What a gorgeous reminder that someone from home is thinking of you!





Super Succulent plantOur Super Succulent is super cool in a rock-filled tray with varying plants. Low-maintenance and high-texture, this design is eye-catching and inspiring all at once.

Bouquet created with candy




And, for the student who loves snacking, the unique candy bouquets created by Schaaf Floral designers are sure to be a huge hit! Brimming with your student’s favorite candies, the Medium Candy Bouquet, contained in a fun Hershey’s Candy Bar Box, will brighten any student’s day!

Useful Gifts

Storage Ottoman Finding space for all your stuff can be difficult in a small dorm room. Where will you store your games for games night or the extra linens for your bed? A storage ottoman is a perfect solution! Not only will your student have extra storage space, but they will also have an extra seat for those late evening study sessions.

Microwave oven Heating up a quick meal or even a cup of coffee becomes much easier with a microwave oven. For those late-night snacks or the hot cup of tea that allows your student to have a restful night’s sleep, a microwave can be indispensable. When your student just has to have that warm bowl of soup on a stormy night, make sure they can heat it up in the comfort of their own room with a microwave oven.

Pocket Over the Door Organizer Finding a place for all those small items that you use every day is simple with an over-the-door organizer to hang over a closet or bathroom door and provide needed space for fashion accessories such as jewelry or shoes. With numerous pockets for storage, your student will never be without their favorite fashion accessories.

Shower Caddy Learning to use a shower located down the hall can be enough trouble without the added worry of your student carrying their toiletries back and forth each day. With room for toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash, a shower caddy makes transporting their necessary shower items a breeze. Add a bath towel and washcloth and your student is all set to go!

Perhaps the most part of the list above is the love and encouragement your student will feel as they move away from home for the first time. Schaaf Floral wants to partner with you to make sure your freshman is both prepared for dorm living and assured of the knowledge that supported by those at home.