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Posted by Bud Dauphin on July 13, 2017 | Last Updated: March 26, 2020 Flowers Summer

National Friendship Day Celebrated in August

National Friendship Day

Growing up is full of adventure and laughter, joy and sadness. With all the ups and downs of learning about the world, our sisters help us to navigate the complexities of relationships and emotions. Experts say that having a sister – or a close friend who is like a sister – will allow us to be happier, more optimistic and even more generous adults. What better reason to celebrate her than all she has added to your life? August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day – two great opportunities to thank these very special people for their love through the years. And Schaaf Floral has all the beautiful floral designs you’ll need.

Fast Fact: The traditional flower of friendship is the yellow rose. You can either send a bouquet of these beautiful flowers, or include them in a mixed arrangement for a meaningful touch. National Friendship Day

Here are some fast scientific facts about growing up with sisters –
* Sisters have a calming effect on us. People who grew up with sisters exhibit more stable mental health.
* Boys with older sisters are generally better liked by female acquaintances.
* Sisters are often our closest confidantes, not only through childhood but all through our lives.

And some facts about close friends:
* Childhood friends teach us the most about social constructs,
* Teenage friends help us to navigate the complexities of interpersonal relationships.
* Adult friends help us to establish priorities and set goals.

National Friendship Day This August, take the opportunity to tell those people closest to you just how meaningful their friendship has meant to you. National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day give us an excuse to send a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to someone who has always been a beautiful part of our life. Shop the Schaaf Floral online collections, or stop in today.