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Hydrangea Designs & Floral Arrangements

By Bud Dauphin on July 9, 2017 in Uncategorized. 0 Comments

Light and ethereal, refreshing and colorful - summer hydrangea are the perfect florals for the season. If you are looking for the ideal bloom to set the mood for your warm weather get-togethers and parties, we recommend these beautiful - if somewhat underappreciated - flowers. Stop into Schaaf Floral today to see them for yourself, as well as all the summer florals you'll need for  the birthdays, anniversaries, picnics or "just because"! Read More about Hydrangea Designs & Floral Arrangements

Flower Gardens for Butterflies and Bees

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Is there anything more beautiful than a garden overflowing with summer flowers? Your idea of a garden may be a collection of potted blooms on your patio, or a butterfly garden that takes up your whole yard. Either way, there is no denying that flowers attract all kinds of insects - both welcome and otherwise! The good news is, you can plant flowers that will attract the insects you want, while repelling the ones you don't  - all with a little help from Schaaf Floral. Butterflies, Yes. But Bees? Your idea of an idyllic summer scene may not include honeybees, but these industrious little guys are actually absolutely critical to our ecosystem. And with the global crisis affecting their populations, anything we can do to help them thrive is encouraged. And don't worry - they rarely sting unless threatened or harassed. So sit back, and enjoy them from comfortable distance and they won't bother you at all. They are actually quite fascinating!  Read More about Flower Gardens for Butterflies and Bees

Patriotic Flowers & Arrangements

By Bud Dauphin on June 18, 2017 in 4th of July. 0 Comments

We've been discussing summer gatherings for the last couple of weeks - after all, this time of year we love to be outside enjoying family, friends, and sunshine! There may be no more iconic summertime celebration than the 4th of July party. This year, whether you are hosting the party or heading to meet people at someone else's home - don't forget to call Schaaf Floral! Patriotic flowers are a bright and festive way to add that spirit of the day to your table, and even if you aren't doing the decorating, your hostess will love your thoughtfulness if you bring her one of these arrangements inspired by Independence Day. Did You Know? The majority of the founding fathers favored choosing July 4th to commemorate our freedom, but how they arrived at that day is a bit unclear.  Only two of them actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, with the rest adding their signatures on August 2, 1776. John Adams had his own idea, proclaiming that July 2 was the day to be celebrated " from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”  Read More about Patriotic Flowers & Arrangements

Floral Designs for Beautiful Summer Tables

By Bud Dauphin on June 13, 2017 in Flowers, Summer. 0 Comments

It's summertime, and the party has moved outdoors! Whether a casual picnic or an elegant garden tea party, summer floral designs can create a tablescape that will impress and delight your guests - not to mention, add that seasonal color and flair that only this time of year exudes. Schaaf Floral has a collection of summer flowers that are whimsical, rustic, sophisticated and fun; and we are confident that you will find the perfect centerpiece for your al fresco meal. Keep Them Hydrated! Just as you'll want to have plenty of drinks on hand to keep your guests comfortable in the heat, you'll need to keep your floral designs cool as well. Add plenty of water, and position them in the shade whenever possible.  Read More about Floral Designs for Beautiful Summer Tables

A Month for Anniversaries & Weddings

By Bud Dauphin on June 8, 2017 in A successful toast, Anniversaries, Wedding. 0 Comments

Because this month sees more weddings than any other, June has officially been dubbed "Wedding Month". Maybe it is the beautiful weather, maybe it is the excitement of the beginning of summer, maybe it is because people can travel more easily - but whatever the reason, couples love the month of June! And no matter what month you are anticipating, June is a great time to talk about weddings, anniversaries, and romance - after all, love is in the air. If you are planning a wedding in Fridley, or anywhere across the greater Minneapolis area - or if you are one of the millions celebrating June anniversaries - Schaaf Floral has the gorgeous flowers you'll need to express your love.  Read More about A Month for Anniversaries & Weddings

Rose Bouquets & Luxury Arrangements

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"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." Emma Goldman June is National Rose Month, and although roses are popular every month of the year, we love that there is a special month to recognize this timeless and classic flower. Roses are often the flower of choice when selecting a floral design, and rose bouquets are perfect for everything from birthdays to romance to everyday friendship. At Schaaf Floral, we have all of the romantic, colorful, whimsical, and beautiful roses that you are looking for - and to celebrate this special month, we thought we would share some amazing facts about these iconic flowers. Read More about Rose Bouquets & Luxury Arrangements

Creative Gift Ideas for Dad

By Bud Dauphin on May 30, 2017 in Father's Day. 0 Comments

There are 71 million dads in the United States, and tens of thousands right here in the Minneapolis area. However, on June 18 we are committed to honoring one very special dad in particular - yours!   Let's face it, there is nobody quite as hard-working, dedicated, charming, funny and smart as your Dad, and Schaaf Floral is looking forward to helping you make him feel like one-in-a-million. Traditionally, This is What We Buy: The most commonly purchased Father's Day gifts are sporting goods, clothing, tools and electronics. But if your dad doesn't need another golf shirt or power drill, stop by our shop. Schaaf Floral has unique gifts that will let him know how much you appreciate him.  Read More about Creative Gift Ideas for Dad

Sunflowers, Peonies and Vivid Spring Bouquets

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This is the season that nature adorns the landscape with exquisite color and texture. Here at Schaaf Floral, we love designing spring bouquets and floral arrangements that celebrate all the vibrant hues and tones of this season. From sunflowers to peonies to tropical blooms, there are many late spring flowers to consider - which is your favorite? Before we welcome the summer, now is the ideal time to fill your home with the ambiance of spring flowers. Schaaf Floral is your hometown source in Fridley and Minneapolis for these beautiful blooms. (Shop the Spring Collection here). Read More about Sunflowers, Peonies and Vivid Spring Bouquets