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Posted by Bud Dauphin on June 24, 2015 | Last Updated: July 1, 2016 4th of July Flowers Holidays

Patriotic Floral Decorations for the 4th of July

4th of JulyEvery July the country pauses to celebrate Independence day and remember the founding of our nation. The 4th of July is regularly marketed with trips to the water, outdoor parties and barbeque with friends and family. The day off is the perfect opportunity for people to relax, be thankful and spend valuable time with their loved ones.

At Schaaf Floral, we love helping customers every year find the perfect flowers to use in the celebration of this holiday. Our customers love using the flowers to bring some of the festivities indoors and light up their homes or offices. They also find that these gorgeous flowers make for spectacular gifts for loved ones. Here are a few of our favorite arrangements that our customers also adore this time of year.

Red White & True

This stunning mix of red, white and blue flowers has been placed in a blue cobalt vase and would look spectacular anywhere in the home. The arrangement is large, making it easy for the flowers to add a festive atmosphere inside. It would look spectacular by the entrance of a home.

You Are A Star

This arrangement is perfect for use throughout the home,or as a gift for a loved one. The classic red and white flowers have been carefully mixed with some festive decorations and a blue ribbon, which completed the look. Place this arrangement on a mantel, end table or anywhere else in the house to add a bit of light to the room. It can also be used in a professional setting, such as at the edge of a desk, for those who want to bring the holiday to work as well.

4th of July

You are a Star

Always Remembered

This classic arrangement uses a variety of different types of flowers, including red roses and carnations, white daisy spray chrysanthemums, myrtle, statice and an American flag to create a wonderful July 4th arrangement. The small class cube holder makes the arrangement just the right size for a desk, an end table or anywhere else in the home.

The Fourth of July is a popular holiday that gives Americans the perfect opportunity to celebrate the origins of their country and remember those who have helped make it the place it is today. Whether you will be celebrating with a large barbeque or a small family trip to the beach, we invite you to make your celebration even more memorable with some flowers. Trust us at Schaaf Floral to help you find the perfect arrangement.