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Plant-Inspired Names Perfect for Your Baby or Fur Baby

Choosing a name for a new family member or four-legged friend is a weighty decision, filled with boundless potential and endless possibilities. However, the gravity of the task should not be underestimated — after all, this is a moniker that will follow them for life. That’s why at Schaaf Floral in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we believe your selection should be so much more than just a sequence of letters — it should capture the unique character and spirit of your loved one. To assist you in this endeavor, we have explored the wonders of nature and compiled a distinct and inspired list. With our guidance, you can give your loved one a botanical name that fits and anchors them, just as a tree’s roots tether it to the earth.

Female Names Meaning “Flower”

Like the beauty of nature, these flower-inspired names — Zaynab, Flora, and Hana — will infuse their recipients with a touch of magic and wonder. Zaynab, a name originating from Arabic, means “fragrant flower.” Like a delicate bloom, the sound of the moniker fills the air with its lovely sound. Flora, derived from the Latin word for “flower,” exudes elegance and refinement. And Hana means “flower” in Japanese. Like a cherry blossom tree, Hana exudes grace and elegance. Its simplicity and understated beauty make it a wonderful choice for any little one or beloved pet.

Masculine Names Meaning “Flower”

Flower names have an enduring appeal that can be appreciated by both genders. For example, Anthony, Kamal, and Ren are great examples of monikers that exude masculine energy. Anthony, from the Greek word “anthos” meaning “flower,” is associated with immeasurable value and praise. Kamal means “perfection” in Persian and “lotus” in Sanskrit, a flower with significant meaning in many religions and cultures. Similarly, Ren also translates to “lotus,” but in Japanese, representing purity and spiritual enlightenment in Buddhist beliefs. These names have a natural allure, like the sweet fragrance of a flower, that is both captivating and serene.

Feminine Names Meaning “Rose”

As the famous playwright Shakespeare once said, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” As for names for your baby or pet that mean rose, there are so many options that are simply delightful. From the Romance languages, we have Rosa and Rosalia, both imbued with a sense of love and romance. For a playful and fun name, there’s Roselle, the French term for “little rose,” which is like a burst of color in a garden of green. It also symbolizes youth and purity. And then there’s Primrose, an English name that brings to mind the fresh and carefree spirit of spring, like running through a field of flowers.

Masculine Names Meaning “Rose”

Do you want to give your baby or pet a name that’s as iconic and unique as a rose? Consider these masculine monikers that mean “rose” in a different language. How about Roswald, for starters? This German name means “mighty rose,” bringing together courage and sweetness. Or, there’s Rosario, a bold Spanish moniker that means “crown of roses” or “rosary,” conjuring up the royal and spiritual facets of roses. For an Old English option there’s Briar, which reminds us of the rugged, thorny nature of the rose shrub that’s also ever-enduring. Just like the famous blossoms themselves, these names come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and scents, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your little one.

Unisex Names Meaning “Tree” or “Vine”

If you want to give your little one a name that captures the wonder and magic of nature, consider selections associated with vines and trees. These enchanting monikers will connect your little one to our mighty planet’s vibrant and expansive ecosystem. Consider Linden, which means “tree of lime wood,” and conjures images into our mind’s eye of the purity, softness, and sweet scent of the potent lime flower. Rowan, a delightful name that means “little red tree,” reflects the bold, fiery, and yet protective traits of the rowan berry. Or perhaps you like Sequoia, a majestic moniker that means “tall tree” and naturally makes us think of those towering giants in the forest. Then we have Rowan, a sweet moniker that reminds us of rowan berries; it means “little red tree,” too, so it’s even a bit fiery. These sophisticated options are a thoughtful way to forever connect your precious baby to nature’s beauty and splendor.

At Schaaf Floral in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we believe that flowers transcend their physical charm to embody the essence of life, beauty, and optimism. In the spirit of nature’s ever-changing beauty, we have curated a list of names inspired by the flora and fauna around us. Our selection offers feminine and masculine appellations, evocative of “flower” or “rose,” and unisex choices that draw from the towering trees and lush vines that surround us, ensuring there is a perfect selection for everyone.