Schaaf Floral

Schaaf Floral

Posted by Bud Dauphin on January 23, 2014 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Uncategorized

Redecorating The House After Taking Down The Decorations

Aw, there’s something sad about taking down the Christmas decor. It added such life to the house. The evergreen wreath on the door with its red bow and bright berries made the entryway feel warm even on the coldest winter day. The Christmas candles on the dining room table gave the kitchen the feel of old-world elegance.

Treasured traditions

Putting away the holiday decor is bittersweet. Memories drift by as you carefully wrap each item for storage. There are the handmade ornaments from the craft fair and that sweet, lopsided snowman your daughter made for you. New-found memories now nestle next to those of yesteryear. But, with the holidays packed away, your house can seem a bit dreary. What can you do to bring some of that sparkle back? Think flowers!

  1. Borrow from the past – Find an antique window box, a berry tote or even a tea pot at your local thrift store. These make charming displays for bouquets of fresh flowers. Arrange two or three close together on a side table or window sill. And don’t worry if they’re chipped or have a bit of peeling paint. This only adds to the charm.
  2. Keep it simple – Remember that most fresh flowers are works of art unto themselves. By keeping your vases simple, you let the beauty of the flowers shine. Dot your home with the bright hues of flowers in simple containers like mason jars with burlap wraps. You can also set a narrow vase inside a small, plain basket and add a simple gingham bow.
  3. Remember the entryway – Replace that Christmas wreath with a fresh, new one for spring. Using a flat-backed basket and a light-weight plastic vase, you can hang fresh flowers on your door. Attach the basket to a traditional wreath hook, and you have a place to put fragrant, summery bouquets. Choose long-lasting flowers — carnations, for instance, or roses — for the most enjoyment and remember to check the water levels daily.
  4. Think small – Rather than a single, large bouquet, scatter petite vases around your home, each with just a flower or two. To add interest, choose vases of differing sizes and shapes, but stick to a single color theme. Bunch them in causal groups or let each stand alone.

These ideas are just a jumping off spot. There are a literally a thousand and one other ways to bring the beauty of summertime into your post-holiday home.