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Posted by Bud Dauphin on September 1, 2015 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Flowers

Send Asters for September

asterThe aster is a beautiful addition to flower gardens as well as indoor cut bouquets. They come in a range of brilliant colors, from autumn shades of red, orange, yellow and rust to vibrant hues of lavender, pink and blue. They also come in bright white. They are beautiful as the center of attention and also gorgeous as an accent flower in gardens and bouquets.

Asters are easy to grow and maintain and do very well in full sun and decent soil. While there are over 600 species in the genus aster, there are actually two main types: the New York and the New England, which are actually quite similar in size and look.

Resilient and Versatile

Asters are sometimes confused with daisies; however, they are larger and are in fact are a part of the sunflower family. Their yellow centers can be surrounded by generous amounts of petals in a range of colors, and the center itself is textured by small flowerets. Asters are generally easy to keep healthy and robust both indoors and out.

Asters have been used throughout history in remembrance, but in ancient times they were also smoked to ward off negativity. The aster is also the September birth flower and has a meaning associated with love, patience, femininity and good luck. They have been used medicinally to treat colds, headaches and muscle aches.

This classic late summer and autumn flower is the perfect way to honor a September birthday or any autumn holiday or occasion.

asterFall Brilliance

Few flowers honor the season of autumn like the aster, and a Fall Brilliance bouquet will definitely make an impression. Its colors embody the most vibrant fall foliage, featuring golden asters, a dozen yellow and orange-fringed konfetti roses and yellow alstroemeria to create an arrangement that’s like a warm autumn sunset.

Hot Off the Grill

If you’re after more of a late summer vibe, the Hot Off the Grill Bouquet will both dazzle and delight them. Turn up the heat with this ideal gift for the grill masters in your life — or anyone who loves a summer cookout. This bouquet combines asters and other fun blooms in yellow, red and blue hues arranged in an eye-catching Weber® Grill keepsake container that’s exclusive to Schaaf Floral.

Whether you want to bring in the autumn season, say goodbye to summer or mark a special September birthday, asters make the perfect statement. Contact Schaaf Floral for more aster ideas and inspiration.