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Posted by Bud Dauphin on July 18, 2014 | Last Updated: September 4, 2014 Uncategorized

Sending a Surprise? Here’s Our Top Tips!

Nothing quite perks up someone’s day like some fresh, beautiful flowers! In fact, flowers have become the go-to gesture for men when it comes to their special someone’s for years and years now, whether they need to apologize for a mishap or just want to gift some roses on Valentine’s Day.

But while flowers alone are enough to put a smile on your special someone’s face, you can really make their day by giving flowers as a total surprise. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to floor your wife, girlfriend, friend or whomever with flowers:

  • Do it when they least expect it: Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and other holidays are ideal flower-giving times. But they’re also times when the ladies expect it! So if you really want to wow your recipient, give her flowers at a time when she doesn’t expect it at all. That’s right fellas, it’s OK to give flowers “just because.”
  • Have them delivered: You can make a big deal out of your recipient by having the flowers delivered to her. We recommend delivering them to her office or place of work – that way, she doesn’t just feel special that she received them, but she becomes the envy of all of her co-workers too! We’re talking some major brownie points here!
  • Rely on the florist’s advice: We get it – you’re probably not a flower expert. But we’d like to think you’re an expert on what your lady likes. So explain what types of colors and flowers she likes and then leave it up to the florist to use their expertise to really throw something special together for her.
  • Don’t forget a card: Guys usually get the flower part down pat. But where they screw up is with the card or message they want to send with them. Some might not even include one at all. So if you’re struggling with a card or message to send with your flowers, be sure to rely on the florist’s expertise here too. They’ll be able to give you some direction on what to include based on what type of message you want to send.

You just can’t go wrong with flowers, as they make for a great treat even when they’re not intended as a surprise. But an unexpected bouquet of flowers can really make a woman’s day. Contact Shaaf Floral and let us help you surprise that special someone today.