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The Top Holiday Gift Experiences That Never Fail, No Matter Who’s On Your List

Amidst December’s holiday hustle and bustle, the scent of pine and the glimmer of festive lights fill the month with warmth and joy. The essence of the holiday season lies not just in the gifts we give but in these moments and the memories we create with loved ones. While selecting presents this year, there lies an opportunity to gift an experience that truly stands out: floral design classes and workshops. Merge the wonder of the holidays with the beauty of floral artistry. Envision families bonding over bouquets, colleagues collaborating on centerpieces, or friends forging memories around festive wreaths. The joy of floral design is certainly the gift that keeps on giving. As the winter fills the air, let our blooms here at Schaaf Floral, the best florist in Minneapolis, add their own notes of happiness and warmth to your holiday season.

Experience Gifts for Moms & Parents

Moms and parents are holiday MVPs, often forgetting to take a timeout for themselves. Gifting them a slice of “me-time” for the holidays is sure to be their favorite gift, and sending them to a floral arrangement class is like giving them a mini-vacation. Picture them swept away in a world of vibrant blooms, their favorite beverage adding a layer of enjoyment as they dive into a pool of creativity. Your local florist is your go-to for setting this up as they may already have classes on the calendar or could customize an experience for your parents and their friends. This isn’t just a fleeting escape; it’s a doorway to a hobby that could become their monthly oasis.

Experiences to Gift Friends

You don’t need a White Elephant present or a slew of items to give each of your friends when you can gift a memorable experience instead. Plan a holiday floral class with your best pals and come armed with delicious cocktails, mocktails, and all kinds of holiday goodies. Cue the music and get into the creative groove, crafting beautiful floral arrangements or bespoke flower crowns and accessories to enhance your holiday looks. Skills are optional, and good vibes are guaranteed. This might just become the annual holiday event that you and your friends look forward to the most.

Fun Experiences to Gift Kids

Add a floral twist to your holiday gifting, especially when it comes to kids. With “experience gifts” becoming more and more popular among kids, a flower art workshop is a present like no other. Imagine your little ones creating mini bouquets that are holiday-gift-ready for family members, friends, or their favorite teachers. They can also dive into petal pressing to create seasonal crafts that light up any room. And for those who dare to dream big, there’s the option to make holiday-themed leis, boutonnieres, or corsages to sport at the next family dinner. It’s a vibrant way to say “Happy Holidays” and encourage creativity that blooms year-round.

Corporate Gifting Experiences

This holiday season, swap out the monotony of budget reports and endless emails for the serenity of succulents and a touch of soil. Dive into a company-wide succulent garden or terrarium workshop that gifts every participant with a low-maintenance plant, perfect for brightening up their workspace. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these plants boost productivity, encourage innovation, and improve air quality. We are certain that your employees and coworkers will strengthen their team bond while chatting and laughing through the festive workshop.

Experiences For You & Your Partner

The holiday season is the ideal time to fall in love all over again. So, turn on the romantic charm and take your sweetheart to a floral design class. Truly, the only thing better than receiving a romantic bouquet of seasonal stems is creating one with the one you love. Pick out your favorite blooms, choose a design that speaks to you, and dive into this fun and creative experience. The end result is more than a stunning arrangement for your home—it’s a beautiful memory you’ve crafted together that symbolizes your love.

Floral design classes are vibrant memories that will last far beyond the holiday season. Teaming up with the experts at Schaaf Floral is the best way to find fresh gifts for everyone on your list.
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