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Posted by Bud Dauphin on February 9, 2015 Valentine's Day

When Words Fail You, Let the Perfect Rose Color Say Everything

shutterstock_14492851Some people were born to be poets and orators, but finding the perfect words to say on Valentine’s Day can feel difficult when you’re looking into the eyes of your true love. Even if you’ve just started dating and you want to give her a traditional vase of Valentine’s Day flowers, getting the words right isn’t always a breeze.

One creative way to show your feelings this Valentine’s Day is with roses. You can offer her classic roses in red, but you can also go with so many fun colors that each carry a different meaning.

Say it All with Pink

Red means love, white means new beginnings, and pink is the perfect color of rose to say it all. Lovely when presented in a lush bouquet, pink roses are also enchanting when paired with other colors like red. Pink roses are the perfect way to surprise a daughter, mother, or dear friend on Valentine’s Day.

You might try pairing pink roses with red to add deeper meaning to your Valentine’s Day gift. Say “true love” with red and show admiration with pink.

Feel the Energy of Orange

Relationship experts often talk about the “honeymoon phase” in a relationship when everything feels new and exciting. If you’ve been with your significant other for many years, orange roses are the perfect way to recapture the fire and exuberance of when you first met.

Orange roses take the happiness of yellow roses and the true love of red roses and present those emotions in a wild and passionate way. Orange roses are also a beautiful token of friendship.

Sticking with Classic Red

Roses come in every color of the rainbow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to branch off into a color that’s unusual or that comes with a hidden meaning. Red roses will always symbolize true love, and if you’re serious about your relationship, red will always help you share your feelings even if you’re at a complete loss for words.

One of the fun things you can do with red roses is give her a certain number to symbolize an important event in your life. Perhaps you’ve been married for ten years. Give her a bouquet of 10 roses. Maybe this is your first Valentine’s Day together. A single red rose can symbolize the start of your new relationship.

Valentine’s Day roses from your florist will show love and adoration to your significant other whether they’re cloaked in deep meaning or whether they’re just a simple way of saying, “I love you.”