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Posted by Bud Dauphin on April 7, 2014 | Last Updated: July 31, 2014 Flowers Holidays Passover

Why a Centerpiece is Perfect for Passover

Passover marks a day of celebration as Jewish people will be honoring the Hebrews freedom from slavery by the Egyptians. The holiday will be celebrated with great feasts to also honor the coming of spring as the Seder table will be filled with foods that symbolize spirituality, rebirth, redemption, fertility and happiness.

Many people also decorate their homes with spring flowers during Passover. The fragrant smells and bright-colored petals helps set the mood of happiness, love and friendship for guests entering the home and sitting at the Seder table. Since there may be several different trays of food across the table, the best way to incorporate flowers into the Seder table decorations is with a beautiful centerpiece.

floral centerpiece works perfectly for the Passover holiday. Besides brightening the room, each flower used in the centerpiece can symbolize a different meaning that you wish to share among your guests. Flowers you may want in your centerpiece:

  • Lilies representing spirituality
  • White Roses representing purity and innocence
  • Irises representing faith, wisdom, and hope
  • White Carnations representing innocence
  • Red Carnations representing admiration (pink ones hold a symbolism for Christians who believed one bloomed when Mary wept for Jesus)
  • Orchids representing refinement and beauty
  • Daffodils representing unrequited love
  • Daises representing happiness

Do you want to make the Passover even more special? Use the centerpieces as gifts to those people attending your Seder meal. After the meal, take out each flower from the centerpiece and give them to every person as a “thank you” for celebrating the holiday with you. It ends the meal on a high note and truly lets everyone understand how much you care for them.

So don’t forget to pick up a centerpiece for your Passover holiday. Brighten up your table with beautiful spring flowers to celebrate the arrival of the season as well as to set the relaxing and happy mood you want your guests to feel. Spring flowers will keep fresh for many weeks with the right care and will continue to give the feeling of happiness and rebirth well into the summer months. Put the finishing touch on your Seder table decorations with a centerpiece to add just the right amount of colors to complement the decor of the room.