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Posted by Schaaf Floral on November 3, 2015 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Fall Flowers

Dahlias- A Fall Tradition

The dahlia originated in Mexico, and as such is still the national flower of that country. Famous for its long-blooming, vivid flowers that thrive until the first frost, they are a quintessential fall flower. The dahlia comes in a surprisingly wide assortment of colors, shapes and sizes, making it a popular go-to bloom for gardeners, landscape artists and florists across the country. With such diversity, the dahlia can add gorgeous hues and unique texture to virtually any bouquet or floral arrangement.

The “petals” of the dahlia can be flat or rolled, spiky or ruffled, regular or irregular on placement. They occur either in a single row of florets surrounding a center disc, or as layers. The single varieties resemble daisies; while the anemone can look much like an aster or mum. These resemblances or not coincidental, as all of those flowers are related. The water lily dahlia is a striking bloom with wide, flat florets that evoke the appearance of their floating namesakes.

In the Victorian Era, flowers were used as communication, to convey feelings during a time in history in which outward expression of emotion was frowned upon. Those symbolic meanings of many flowers survive today, although the significance is generally not known unless sought out. In the language of flowers, the dahlia expresses dignity and elegance; but it also is symbolic of strong commitment and an eternal bond. This connotation has secured the dahlia flower as one to use when arranging a floral bouquet celebrating engagement, marriage and anniversaries. And because it is so versatile, no matter the other flowers utilized in the arrangement, the dahlia will compliment them perfectly.

Schaaf Floral’s professional florists are ready to help you in choosing the dahlia which best represents the emotion and sentiment you are looking to convey. No matter the color, no matter the variety – the dahlia adds a stunning element your floral gift. Come into our Minneapolis flower shop today to learn more!