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Posted by Schaaf Floral on October 20, 2019 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Fall Flowers Plants

Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

A great way to get in the mood for cooler weather and shorter days is to decorate your front porch for the fall season. Not only will you feel more like celebrating the coming autumn holidays, but you will also add curb appeal to your house. Your display may even inspire your neighbors to spruce up their front porches.

The floral experts at Schaaf Floral can suggest a variety of fall blooms, potted plants, and unique containers to create a warm and welcoming front porch ready for the new season.

Choosing Flowers and Plants for Fall

Fall Blooms with Pumpkins

Several varieties of flowers and plants grow abundantly well into the autumn season. Select flowers that will outlast the cooler evening temperatures in your climate area. Flowers that are hardy and easy to care for are excellent choices for front porch decorating. Don’t forget to include a few interesting containers for your potted plants.

  • Asters: These sturdy flowers love the fall weather! There are also many hues to add to your fall displays. Shades of dark purple, burgundy and white mix beautifully with the traditional fall colors.
  • Chrysanthemums: Known as the quintessential autumn flowers, Mums come in numerous sizes and colors! Choose small button mums or larger sombrero mums in bright orange or vibrant yellows. Our Autumn Chrysanthemum is one great option for your front porch.
  • Marigolds: Making your front porch stand out will be easy if you choose to add beautiful marigolds to your autumn display. While some of these flowers are a single gold or deep orange, some are multicolored and work well with potted alone or with other flowers.
  • Pansies: Many varieties of pansies will continue to bloom well into the fall. These flowers look fantastic in hanging baskets filled to overflowing with their colorful blooms.

Creating Wreaths for Your Front Door

Harvest-Fresh Wreath

For many houses, the door is the focal point of the front porch. Wreaths of all sizes highlight the beauty of your front door. Try including a few unexpected details to make your décor both inspiring and inviting.

  • Twig Wreath: Intertwined twigs look lovely against any door, especially one that is brightly painted. Add a few dried flowers or other natural plants such as crisp apples or fall leaves to enhance your door’s spotlight presence on the front porch.
  • Green Wreath: Made of greenery such as ferns or evergreen branches, it is easy to add color by including items of one color. To showcase the bright orange of the season, you can add miniature pumpkins to the wreath. Add bunches of small marigolds in shades of yellow to the wreath to add warmth to your fall porch decorations.
  • Pine Cone Wreath: Placing dried pinecones together to form a circle is an easy and inexpensive way to say that autumn is here. Against a brightly painted front door, the subtle colors of pinecones add an inviting touch to your front porch.
  • Corn Cob Wreath: A wreath made of beautifully colored dried corn cobs will welcome guests to your home. Easy to make and long-lasting, this wreath is sure to become a treasured part of your fall decorations!

Adding Accents to Your Fall Decorations

Fall Harvest Basket

The vessels you choose to house your Marigolds and Mums are a large part of your overall decorating strategy. In addition to flower pots and vases, there are several household products and natural displays that can be utilized creatively to give your porch an original fall look!

  • Watering Can: Adding a lovely kalanchoe plant to an old watering can to bring color and whimsy to your front porch decorations. Nestled among other containers, the shiny metal will show off your lovely blooms.
  • Wicker Basket: Using containers made of natural materials in neutral shades of beige, gray and brown, helps colorful flowers and bright green plants stand out. We include yellow daisies, statice, and cremone housed in our Fall Harvest Wicker Basket.
  • Wooden Buckets: Whether large or small, a bucket makes an easy planter for many types of potted plants and flowers. Why not decorate the bucket with a fresh coat of paint? Our Double Mum Planter will look fresh and festive in a painted bucket.
  • Wooden Ladder: Propped against a wall of your front porch, the ladder rungs can be hung with miniature pumpkins or gourds or intertwined with garlands made of natural materials such as corn husks.

There are so many great reasons to make your front porch an Autumn centerpiece! Choose flowers that withstand the cooler weather of fall. Make an autumn wreath that will become a family treasure. Add container accents to highlight amazing blooms and potted plants. Check with the experts at Schaaf Floral in the greater Minneapolis area for the best fall front porch decorating ideas.