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Posted by Bud Dauphin on April 16, 2014 | Last Updated: July 31, 2014 Easter Flowers Holidays

What Gifts to Give on Easter Morning

Easter gifts may traditionally go to kids, but there is no reason the adults in your life should be left out of the celebration. In fact, isn’t it more fun looking for gifts that add sparkle to your relationship than filling a basket full of fake grass and candy? Consider some Easter gifts of the grown-up variety.

Let’s Talk Flowers

You can never really go wrong with flowers. In fact, Easter signifies spring has finally arrived, making flowers a symbolic gift.

Easter Lilies – The most obvious choice for a flower selection. Originally a Japanese bloom, this trumpet-shaped flower symbolizes the rebirth of spring. The irregular blooming periods means they can be made to flower around Easter, which is how they got the name.

Hyacinths – Add some pastel to the arraignment by mixing in a variety of hyacinths. They come in blue, purple and pink – the same colors as Easter eggs.

Tulips – A few tulips will complete the look with their distinctive shape and spring colors.

Easter Brunch

Use the Easter flowers as a centerpiece while you surprise the family with a traditional Easter brunch. Some of the staple dishes popular for Easter brunch were at one time forbidden during the Lenten season. That is the story behind the egg craze and Easter, too. Eggs were banned during the Lent season. Other dishes to consider include:

  • Hot cross buns
  • Russian Easter bread or Kulich
  • Lamb
  • Ham

An Easter Basket with Goodies

There is no reason why adults can enjoy an Easter basket, too. Fill one up for your spouse that includes a few chocolate treats, preferably gourmet, and other delicacies. How about a homemade coupon book they can cash in at will or a book of Easter wishes? Pick a theme for the basket such as bath or kitchen and fill it up with hard to find items such as rare spices, gourmet coffees or oils. Add a few gift certificates that your favorite adult can enjoy spending later.

Easter is a very symbolic holiday, but what it really boils down to is family. From watching the parade to hunting eggs in the yard, this is the time to get together with the people you love. By all means, fill up a basket or two for the little ones, but send some of that Easter love to the grown ups too with flowers and other special gifts.