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Posted by Bud Dauphin on June 20, 2016 Wedding

Why Hire a Floral Expert?

floral expertWhile planning a wedding has always included miles of details, the online forums and tools have begun to transform how brides approach this momentous task. From Pinterest boards to mobile apps, brides have hundreds of places that will inspire, organize and assist with making sure every detail is covered – whether a bride chooses a DIY wedding or sends our online bid requests.

But as many will attest, using an online form to price shop and request your wedding flowers may result in actually paying more than you need to – or being disappointed with the results.

When a florist is given a list of flowers, they will quote that list of flowers. You will likely find the same basic budget number, but are the bouquets comparable? Some florists will use more filler or create smaller bouquets to keep the price lower to win the bid.

It may be difficult to understand what level of service the florist provides – do they deliver and install the flowers? How will they handle it if you need last minute changes or modifications?

A face to face meeting with a wedding consultant is beneficial in many ways. Armed with an understanding of your budget, your vision and the photos that you love, the Schaaf designer can then make creative recommendations that will ensure that you get the very best flowers.

If your requested flower is out of season, we can suggest an alternate flower that is just as beautiful, but more cost effective.

If your flowers are coming in over budget, we can work with you to come up with solutions – like using your flowers twice (ceremony flowers moved to the reception) or designing extravagant personal flowers, while using less expensive elements for less visible pieces.

There is nothing online that can take the place of a personal consultation with an expert floral designer. Not only does collaboration inspire great ideas, but you’ll be able to see the flower combinations in person, eliminating the possibility of disappointment. Stop into Schaaf Floral today, and let’s start dreaming about your wedding.