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Posted by Schaaf Floral on October 20, 2017 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Fall Flowers Uncategorized

Mum Arrangements for Fall

Mum’s the word when it comes to Fall’s standout floral, a lush flowering plant that’s available in all the harvest hues. Mix them, match them, stagger them on your front steps, or set them like proud, golden sentinels on either side or your garage. At Schaff Floral, we’re here for all the mum arrangements for Fall. And we’re presenting a few of our own.

What happens when you take November’s official flower and combine it with the season’s biggest fruit? You get our Fall Pumpkins Galore, a design that’s so fun to send to someone, you’ll be waiting all day for the follow-up phone call. Here spider mums rise up alongside dahlias and carnations from a perfect little ceramic pumpkin container.

What’s surprising about an arrangement like this is how much texture and interest you get from combining the mums with some other classic blooms. Deep plums, burgundies, and yellows strike just the right note season-wise, and as a result, this bouquet belongs on someone’s desk at work as much as it does in the center of a Halloween table.

Mum arrangements for Fall can be many things. They can be bold containers out front that welcome guests into the warmth of your home, or they can decorate outdoor parties and festivals. They can also be elegant designs with modern appeal and intended for inside the home. The wide variety of types of mums speak to our creative side here at Schaaf Floral.