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National Romance Month Flowers

August is National Romance Month – a wonderful chance to surprise your sweetheart with spontaneous, whimsical, or lavish gestures of love and affection. After nearly 50 years in the floral business, the team at Schaaf Floral knows that love doesn’t need a formal occasion. This August, show your love and deliver the romance, and remind your beloved just how amazing they are.

Die-hard romantics across Minneapolis and Fridley have come to us for decades, and we have seen a lot of true love and romance during that time. You can trust our experts to assist you in selecting the perfect flowers for your very special relationship.

Bright, happy daisies and pink roses dance with elegant pink lilies and fabulous fuchsia stock in this playful bouquet! Wrapped with a leaf in a modern cylinder vase, it's a joyful gift for any occasion.
The rose enjoys a reputation as the undisputed flower of love and romance. The red rose is a universal symbol of romantic, passionate love. However, there are other colors of roses that also offer romantic meaning.  For instance, white roses are popular for bridal bouquets, as they signify a pure, new love. Pink roses declare a sweet adoration, orange roses proclaim passion; and lavender roses convey a constant, dependable love.

Did You Know? There are over 3,000 varieties of roses, but many are not available on the market.

Sometimes, people want to be a little more unique in their floral choices. If you’d like to give a bouquet that expresses your deep and abiding love but are not sure you want to go with roses, there are many other choices. Peonies speak to marital bliss and can be combined with ivy (marital fidelity) for a beautiful and meaningful display. Orchids are representative of love and beauty and make elegant, sophisticated gifts. Looking for something a little more light and whimsical? The daisy is known to represent young, innocent love – and red tulips declare your love loudly and confidently.

Wasn't it just yesterday someone lightened and brightened your day? Today, you can return the favor with this charming arrangement. Burgundy roses, pink carnations, gerberas and larkspur arrive stylishly arranged in a clear glass vase.

Now that you have the flowers taken care of, there are a few other actions you can take to inject a romance booster into your relationship. For example, for a grand romantic gesture, you could:

  • Whisk your partner away to another city for a romantic weekend getaway.
  • Give your sweetie an unforgettable romantic night out on the town with fancy restaurants, shows, and dancing.
  • Plan an event or activity that will get the adrenaline flowing such as skydiving, white-water rafting, hiking, or hot-air ballooning.
  • Make a gourmet meal at home and put on some romantic music and cuddle up by a warm fire.

For daily romantic gestures that are just as, if not more, important than grand gestures, make sure you do the following on a daily/regular basis:

  • Hold hands
  • Leave love notes
  • Put a fresh flower into a bedside vase 
  • Watch a movie together
  • Check in with each other during the day
  • Give a daily “good morning” kiss
  • Say “good night” every night
  • Present them with flowers “just because”

Don’t let National Romance Month go by without a few expressions of your devotion – cook a special dinner, leave a romantic love note, and send some flowers from Schaaf Floral “just because.” After all, true love knows no season, and romance needs no other reason.