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Posted by Schaaf Floral on September 24, 2017 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 A successful toast Corporate Gifts

Boss’s Day Plants & Flowers for the Office

The word “boss” is a derivation of the Dutch word “baas”, which means master. But the best bosses don’t take that word literally; in fact, although there are many types and personalities of bosses, they all have some very positive character traits in common. On October 16, we have the opportunity to celebrate those employers, team leaders and supervisors who make the workplace a productive, positive, and fun place to be. Are you lucky enough to have a great boss? Mark your calendar!

The professionals at Schaaf Floral have the green plants, floral designs, and gift ideas that will help you to recognize your boss and all they do for the company.

Here’s a Gift Idea:

One of the best flowers for the office is the orchid. Delicate and sophisticated, it is the perfect addition to a corporate environment or professional workplace. Long lasting, easy to care for, and simply beautiful, orchids come in several varieties and colors – call our experts to learn what is fresh in the shop this week!

flowers for the office
flowers for the office

What makes a great boss?

Successful leaders are not afraid to roll their sleeves up, and are happy to pitch in with their employees. They lead because they are respected, not because they have a job title. They are benevolent in giving accolades, and protective if there is a mistake. They are accountable and responsible for everything and everyone in their department. Great bosses identify the strengths of their people, encourage them to try new things, and clear a path for promotion and advancement.

Another Great Gift Idea:

We have often discussed how green plants are beneficial additions to any home or office. They promote cleaner air and higher productivity, but they are also beautiful! Our desktop garden is a fun and unique gift for your boss’s office,

Whether choosing flowers for the office, or the perfect green plant – October 16 is a wonderful opportunity to thank your awesome boss for all they do. Call Schaaf Floral and let us help you to choose the best option – across the Minneapolis area, we deliver the very best.