Schaaf Floral

Schaaf Floral

Posted by Bud Dauphin on August 23, 2009 | Last Updated: August 23, 2013 Revised Groom's Dinner

Revised Toast For Alex’s Party

Congratulations Alex!!
August 22.2009

I’d like to thank the Groomsmen – The bachelor party brought out the truth
Joe, Rob, Bill and Marcus – Along with Ed and Alex partied hard in Duluth
Bill Brama bought Alex some shots – The symbolism is hard to deny
They were red, green and orange in color – You are one lucky guy!!

The wedding has been cancelled – Believe me, I wouldn’t cry
We’re still having a great party – Damn, you’re one lucky guy
Just ask Uncle Neal or me if you will – What it feels like in a trap
That you can’t get out of – My God you’re one lucky chap!!

I know how your dad feels – Because we’re wired somewhat the same
He’s spending a lot of money – Doing the right thing isn’t a cause for shame
The champagne has been cancelled – But the D.J. is here
We’ve upgraded to steak – What the hell, it’s really a time to cheer!!

I’m truly happy for Stephanie – It’s a graduation party for her
She never liked old What’s her name – Who tonight is not a visitor
We’re not getting into personalities – But Stephie knew first
That our missing visitor was different – Alex, you could have been cursed!!

So Stephie, you go girl! – This party is also for you
I know Ed will feel much better – Knowing it’s a party for two
For Ed likes to get value – For every dollar he spends
So let’s all enjoy the evening – Right up until it ends!!

Alex, trust me my friend – This is a night to enjoy
You dodged one huge bullet – Vicious enough to destroy
Remember when one door closes – An open door suddenly appears
So keep your eyes open my friend – That next door could be near!!

Alex is a proud graduate of St. Cloud State – A very lucky guy
Cheryl & Ed paid for his education – It’s not cheap to learn to fly
Alex can lead you through the Atlas – Showing each and every country he’s seen
Believe me they are numerous – For Alex, the grass is always green!!

For those wanting a party – He’ll introduce you to “Alexander the Great”
Please, let’s hold our focus – It’s a drink he concocted to celebrate
When Alex was a very young lad – He spent 3 years riding a shoe
Most of us rode toy horses – Alex was different, this we all knew!!

Alex is shy and a cuddler – With a habit of just wandering away
As a little kid he had to be watched – He’s find the strangest places to play
Alex, you’ve still got Lexy your dog – Who now is the love of your life
And her love is so unconditional – Which is so much better than a lunatic wife!!

Alex, I want you to remember – You did absolutely nothing wrong
In fact I’ve been impressed – You’ve come through looking quite strong
You truly acted like a gentleman – And we’re all very proud of you
So let’s get on with the party – Alex, fun for you is way overdue!!

Cheryl and Ed, we thank you – I think everyone is having fun
It’s one big family reunion – And when all is said and done
We’ve all learned a big lesson – And I say this with a sigh
I don’t want to repeat myself – But damn Alex, you’re one lucky guy!!

Now that you have the picture – Let’s all raise our glasses high
A toast to our guest of honor, Alex – Who’s potential, could reach the sky
May all your days be reasonable happy – May most of your dreams come true
May you look back 50 years from now – And exclaim, “Who knew”??
©The Man In The Jug